126: Social Media Marketing for Podcasters with Marty McDonald

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Marty McDonald is a guest expert working with Interview Connections, and a master of social media marketing. Marty founded the successful Bad Rhino Inc., a full-service social media marketing agency. He has been building online marketing businesses for over 12 years. He joins Jessica today to help you harness the power of social media.

Social Media for Podcasters

A podcaster’s social media strategy should be to use as many social media platforms as their listeners are using. Tracking your downloads and points of engagement is essential. Email lists are still a tried and true way to distribute your podcast. Audiences need to be conditioned, so tell your audience what you want them to do.  Send out an email to your list every day, and be consistent. Marty says it’s all about taking the time, and being consistent.

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Build your podcast social media strategy with analytics!

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Podcast listeners don’t always subscribe. Your audience may go away for a while, and then binge download your shows when they come back. The key is to get inside the mind of your listener, and figure out how they consume your content.

Knowing what goal you want to achieve with your podcast, you know which metric you are trying to attain. Marty recommends starting with a baseline or control group, such as an email marketing campaign or a Facebook community, to learn and connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

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Proven podcast strategies:

● Podcasts with advertisers get more downloads.

● Use Twitter to post multiple tweets every day with different hashtags.

● Search out Twitter lists with interests related to your podcast.

● Build a solid email list.

● Have a business plan and be serious about it.

● Invest in your podcast by hiring a marketing company.

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Resources Mentioned:

Dream Business Academy

Interview Connections

Rhodes to Success

Bad Rhino Inc.



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