123: How to Get Speaking Gigs by Guesting on Podcast

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On today’s episode, Dave Sanderson shares how being a guest on podcasts has gotten him paid speaking gigs. He describes how leveraging podcast interviews earned him 5-figure honorariums in just 9 months.

This is Dave’s second appearance on the Rhodes to Success podcast. Listen to Dave’s first interview with Jessica, when he shared the inspirational story of “The Miracle on the Hudson.”  At the time, he had just launched his marketing strategy, with Interview Connections as it’s backbone, even though he was skeptical about committing to podcasting as an investment.

How Dave Sanderson Leveraged Podcasts to Get Paid Speaking Gigs

● He signed up with Interview Connections.

● He blogged about the podcasts he was a guest on.

● He multipurposes his content.

● He shared his podcast experiences on LinkedIn.

● He sent snippets of podcasts when he applied for speaking engagements.

● He consistently engaged with people who listen to podcasts, including “C-level” executives.

● He put his time in, and stuck with it.

● He occasionally speaks for free, to hone his craft, and to gain exposure.

● He became an author, and contributed his writing to others.

● He coaches people who want to become speakers.

● He sets personal performance goals designed to expand his mind.

● He speaks at conferences like Podfest Multimedia Expo.

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You can meet Dave Sanderson when he attends the Dream Business Academy Live Event in Orlando February 8, 9, and 10.  He will be learning how to build a Million Dollar Marketing Platform, and so can you. The conference features speakers who excel in marketing, videos, and podcasts. Day 3 offers a live Mastermind, designed to help you with your biggest business challenge. *To get $100 off your ticket, use the coupon code ‘Podcast’ at checkout.

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Dave Answers Listener Questions

How do you position yourself for speaking gigs you want? – Dave’s strategy is to work many different angles. Podcasting, blogging, social media, and conferences, are a few.

How are you a great guest for specific podcast audiences? Dave has a pre-call with his clients to understand who the audience is, and in doing so, he finds out how he can add value to them and the host. Example questions are “What is most important for you, and what has to happen for us to achieve that?”

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Do you write out questions for the host to ask you in advance? When Dave first started podcasting he was more spontaneous in his interviews; now he has a custom designed “One Sheet.”

*Get your customized “One Sheet” from Interview Connections.

How can you leverage being an alumnus, into being invited to speak at a University? Dave contacted the head of the alumni association and the head of the college magazine. To give back to your alma mater, offer your time to speak for free.

How effective is getting a speaking agent? Dave says, through his speaking agent he can be more selective, and get a higher price point.

Does Dave offer free coaching on his successful strategies? Yes. Contact him through his website, Dave Sanderson Speaks.

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Speakers at the Dream Business Academy Live Event:

Bob Burg — The Go-Giver

Melanie Benson

Michelle Prince

Gary George

Jim Palmer

Resources Mentioned:

Dream Business Academy

Interview Connections

Dave Sanderson Speaks

Social Media Examiner

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Podfly Productions

*The music in today’s episode was written by The Danger Os and produced by Nick Palmer. Check them out at https://www.facebook.com/thedangerosmakemusic

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