How to Get On the Biggest Podcasts

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Do you dream of being on the really big podcasts, to boost your credibility and increase your publicity?

Josh Elledge, Founder of Savings Angel, joins Jessica to reveal how you can become a guest on the top 2% of shows in the field of podcasting.

If a podcast has more than 28K downloads per episodes per month you are in the top 2% on iTunes. ― The Feed

Are You Ready to Perform at That Level?

Everybody knows exposure is everything. But, 99.9% of want-to-be-guests haven’t acquired enough authority to be on the the show they desire to be on. The bigger the podcast, the more protective the producer or host is with their show. They like to work with higher authority guests. It’s what keeps their podcasts at the top.

Josh’s clear step-by-step process to build authority:

  1. Have personal stories ready to share.
  2. Build your authority online, especially through Twitter and LinkedIn.
  3. Become a guest on other podcasts (and do it a lot).
  4. Be authentic.
  5. Provide value to the show and host.

Top podcasters take their interviews and guest seriously. It’s how they stay on top.

Jessica finds these tips help secure your spot:

  1. Build personal relationships, or get a warm introduction.
  2. Be able to pass the due diligence and vetting screens.
  3. Sometimes you have to pay to play.
  4. Consider yourself a peer, if you are not there yet, get there.

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Never underestimate the value of being on niche podcasts.  Who is your target avatar?

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“You can go back to podcast guests and interview them on a different subject. They are not single-use only.”

“Influencers vet their guest with due diligence. Would you pass the test?”

“If you do get in front of 30K listeners, don’t blow it!”