Co-Authoring a Book for Niche Authority with Diane Gardner

On this episode of Rhodes to Success I interview Diane Gardner who is the founder of Adept Business Solutions and Tax Pro Solutions. She is known widely as ‘The Tax Coach’ and is the bestselling co-author of Why Didn’t My CPA Tell Me That? Obamacare Survival Guide, and the Ten Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost  You Thousands amongst numerous other publications. Diane helps entrepreneurs nationwide pay the least amount of taxes they can legally pay.


Main Questions Asked

–       What is a tax coach and why should we find one for ourselves?

–       What do you mean by a co-author book and what is the process?

–       What is ‘lumpy mail’?

–       What is the process for writing your book and tips on getting content written?

–       Share about the relationship behind the scenes with your co-author

–       What is your advice as a tax coach?

–       What is the biggest tax mistakes people make?


Key Lessons Learned


Tax Coaches & Tax Mistakes

–       Tax coaches are your strategists and planners who come up with a proactive 3-5 year plan that factors in personal goals and expected business growth

–       A mistake is not deducting your home office expenses and mileage

–       2014 tax deduction for mileage is $0.56c a mile

–       Being in the wrong tax entity can cost you thousands of dollars


Co-Authored books

–       Being an author is a great way to become an authority in your industry

–       Figure out what your ‘prime writing time’ is and stick to that schedule

–       Since your name is on the product you have to be careful who you partner with (make sure you’ve known them a while and trust them)

–       Do your research on your co-author to find out what their work ethic is and the quality of work they are producing

–       Always make clear on who is doing what work when in a partnership

–       Split the content with your co-author and commit to having chapters done by agreed upon dates


Lumpy Mail

–       Lumpy mail is odd shaped mail that won’t stay in the pile and is moved to the top of the pile.

–       It has a better chance it will be opened due to its size and shape

–       Lumpy mail is a marketing strategy



–       When you are launching a podcast or a book you need to give yourself a launch date or it will never happen

–       When choosing a launch date make sure to look at the time of year; day, month, and week. What is going on in your industry at that time?

–       Find something that draws people to urgency when they are buying


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