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The Backstory

When I left my non profit activist job in 2013 to start my business and work from home with my newborn baby, I thought in a way that I was going ‘to the dark side’ – the for profit world! Suddenly, I went from having a job where my

goal was to fight for the environment, to starting a business where my job was to make money.

As a new mom, that wasn’t a challenge because I had this new baby to support. Now that that newborn is almost 4 years

old and I have two kids, I find myself searching for a way to give back. I’m eager to let ‘activist Jess’ back out and make my business mean something more than earning money for my family.


On Saturday, January 21st, my family and I participated in the Women’s March while we were traveling in Chicago. I’ve always been a feminist ever since my parents played the Country radio station in the car when I was little, and I hated that the DJs played more men than women. As a business owner, I rarely talk about anything political because I don’t want to offend anyone or repel potential clients with opposing viewpoints. 

On Tuesday, January 24th, I felt compelled to share this on Facebook:

It was shared 3 times, and I got dozens of thumbs up and multiple supportive comments! I even received this message from an old client:

The response I got on Facebook for sharing openly my values of feminism and female empowerment gave me the confidence to write more here about my mission for my business.

Our mission is to bring entrepreneurs together for podcast interviews and create meaningful employment opportunities for working mothers and women

When you work with Interview Connections and support us in any way, you support a company owned by a working mother and run by women, mothers, and one cool dude named David!

Curious about who some of our team members are? Check out some of their words below!

I am a busy lady! Normally, I try to squeeze a few extra hours out of every day. I have yet to be successful. Working with Jessica and Interview Connections has allowed me the flexibility to rearrange my work day so I can fit all of those things that make me busy (producing & hosting my podcast Great Beer Adventure, being an engineer on a local radio show, planning a large event for my show, designing a beer themed activity book, just to name a few) into the typical work day so that I can focus on being with my kids when they are home! – Amanda

I enjoy working for Interview Connections because as a missionary serving in an exotic land I can still balance living my personal dream and passion with an online career giving me the opportunity to pay it back by introducing successful clients to great hosts of amazing shows where they can speak their passion to the masses as they also live their dream and get the exposure they need to continue being successful. This makes for a very fulfilling life for me  and I consider Jessica and this company an answer to a very sincere prayer so that I can stay in this voluntary assignment. -David
I love working for Interview Connections because I love working for an employer who shares my ideals! I’m appreciative of the flexible work hours this job provides, and quite frankly, I love the work! How cool is it to listen to podcasts for a job!?! It’s nice to be a part of a well-organized, team-oriented organization, with stellar communication skills (and a deep affection for cats). – Emma
I love working for Interview Connections because I can have it all, work from home while raising my two small children, and work with likeminded people. Jessica isn’t a typical boss which is great, she checks in on you and is more of a mentor and makes sure you have the tools to get the job done. The team at IC is unmatchable, everyone pitches in to help and always has each others backs, there is no better place to work. -Emily
I love working for Internet Connections – the work is interesting and purposeful.   Jessica is one of the most inspiring “bosses” I have ever had. There is a true sense of team, and we are encouraged to rely on our creativity and resourcefulness to get the job done.  The ability to work anytime, anywhere, encourages a seamless integration from work to life and back again. Best of all, I am home with my 9 horses- and have the flexibility to ride and play and still meet the needs of my assigned clients.  (oh and the clients are AWESOME)- Denise
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