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Characteristics of a pinnable pin on Pinterest!

What makes a pin pinnable?

1. Long and skinny pins have a higher click rate!  They attract more attention because they take up more ‘real estate’ on the Pinterest feed.  Remember not to add pins that are wider than 600 pixels because Pinterest will either resize them, decreasing the quality of the image, or the pin will not show up at all!

2. Pinning images that explain ‘how to’ do something!  People love using Pinterest because it’s a great place for information.  While social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter involve more conversation between users, Pinterest is used more for info…so pin images that explain how to do something, and lots of people will click and re-pin!

3. Calls to action have a much higher click rate and the reason is simple- if you clearly tell someone to do something, they are more likely to do it!  Say “click here,” & lots of people will click without thinking twice!

4. Pinterest users spend more money on average when they find a product or service on Pinterest.  Lots of users even go to Pinterest specifically to shop.  So, adding a price tag to your pin will clearly indicate that the product or service is for sale and you will attract more buyers.  To add a price tag, all you have to do is write the price in the description.  For example, “$100.”

5.  People love motivational and inspiring quotes. There are probably hundreds of boards on Pinterest for quotes!  So pin images with inspiring quotes and you will see lots of re-pins!


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