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First Impressions – Deal Breakers for Getting Booked

A lot of people ask me, what’s the secret to getting booked on popular podcasts? Just like in business, there is no ‘one thing’ or one secret that if implemented will get you booked! There are several factors that go into successfully getting you booked for interviews on popular podcasts and internet radio shows.

In this post, I want to focus on one important factor that is often a deal breaker for podcasters when deciding whether or not to interview someone- and that is first impressions.

As an online entrepreneur, most of the time you don’t have the benefit of meeting someone for the first time face to face, with a handshake and a smile. People meet you by looking at your social media pages and your website and if these platforms don’t position you as a successful, professional, put-together guest expert, the podcaster who is considering you as a guest will click off your site so fast it’s like they were never there!

Here are two tips to position yourself as a success online so you can get booked on popular podcasts and radio shows.

1.Use a professional headshot and be consistent: I’m not saying you have to pay hundreds of dollars and go on a big photo shoot.  My point here is you need to be using the same headshot or ‘profile picture’ throughout your social media platforms and your website so your branding is consistent. Even if you haven’t taken professional headshots, make sure you are using a photo that is high resolution and positions you as a professional!

2. Invest in a quality website: I book guest interviews on a lot of podcasts for my clients and one time, I pitched a guest to my client who I believed was an expert in the niche we wanted to focus on, but when he looked at her website his response was that she didn’t look successful; her website was poorly designed, the sound quality on the videos at her site were horrible, and all around it didn’t communicate ‘success’ and ‘expertise.’ Invest in a quality website, update your blog regularly and make sure when someone comes to your website for the first time, they see you as a success.


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How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media

Social media is a really important piece of the puzzle when you are promoting your podcast and hands down, the best and most effective way to promote your podcast on social media is with graphics with text overlay; what my team at Interview Connections likes to call ‘promo graphics.’

Promo graphics are images that have your podcast logo or artwork, maybe your headshot as well, and your guest’s headshot.  It’s also important to have the guest’s name, episode title or episode number and your website URL.

A lot of podcasters, and I will argue the majority of podcasters who promote their shows on social media, do so with the guest’s headshot only.  This is not the best way to promote a show because at first glance, no one will know what the post is about unless they click through to your website or stop to read your status.

Everyone’s eyes on social media go to the images FIRST.  That is why it’s more important to have a promo graphic with your podcast info, the episode number, things like that, so people see this info in the image, and instantly know it’s a podcast!

Also, you will get more clicks to your website when you link to your post and show the preview image.  See below.  If the guest’s head shot shows up in the thumbnail because that is what you have on the blog post, simply click, “upload image” and add a custom promo graphic here instead!    FB_post

You can see samples of promo graphics my team has designed here:

Attention Speakers: Are you doing podcast interviews?

Speakers tend to be on the road a lot speaking to live audiences.  This takes great skill, confidence, and the ability to speak in public and connect with an audience. But between live events, when you’re home at your office, how are you getting exposure to hundreds and thousands of people?

With Stitcher radio being installed in several makes and models of 2014 of 2015 cars, podcasts are going to be accessible to the masses and will be listened to by thousands upon thousands of people.  Entrepreneurs who host their own podcast and upload their show to Itunes and Sticher radio are always looking for guest experts who have valuable content to share with their audience. As a speaker, getting interviewed on these podcasts has the power to expose you to thousands of potential followers, prospects and clients.

There is value in getting interviewed on all podcasts, with both large and small audiences. While it may seem like the only benefit to interviews is getting exposure to lots of people, you may wonder what the point is in being interviewed by a new podcaster with a small following. Your connection with the host, personally, may in fact be way more profitable and valuable than the impact you have on a large audience.  Never close the door on potential profitable relationships. I have multiple clients who have been interviewed on ‘small time’ podcasts who were either hired by the host after the interview, or had a host refer clients to them.

Building your business is all about building relationships.  By jumping on a Skype call for 30 minutes, you have the ability to build tons of quality relationships by simply being interviewed on a podcast.

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Schedule Once or Time Trade?

If you are not using an online scheduling tool to schedule your podcast interviews, or any appointments in your business for that matter, you are wasting serious time and money. The amount of time spent going back and forth in emails saying “Here are three times that work for me, what works for you?” And then having the other person saying “None of those times work for me, how about these times?”

If you are still doing that to schedule your interviews, or if you are paying your assistant to go back and forth scheduling your appointments that way, I beg you- stop now!

I actually require my clients at Interview Connections to have a scheduling link because I refuse to waste my time going back and forth with guest experts, and with my clients to schedule interviews.  Time is money and my time and my profits are far too important to waste because someone doesn’t want to spend $9/month on the scheduling tool.

Ok, now that I have convinced you to go purchase a membership with Schedule Once or Time Trade you may be asking which one is better? First a brief disclaimer- I have no affiliation with either company so my opinion is just that, it’s my opinion, and I will not make any money on your decision to pay for either tool.

After scheduling well over a couple hundred interviews, I confidently can say that Schedule Once is easier to use and more user friendly.  Here are a couple reasons:

  1. Your scheduling link is easy to remember: This is so great because you can just type it into your emails.  With my Time Trade clients, I have to go find the link and copy and paste it.  I know it’s a small thing but again, if I add up the extra 10 seconds it takes to find the link and copy it in my emails versus the 1 second it takes to type out the easy to remember Schedule Once link, I’m spending way more time on Time Trade links!
  2. Time Trade requires you to click “confirm” after you choose a time but Schedule Once confirms the time in your calendar as soon as you choose it.  Normally if I read this difference on paper I would think, who cares? People are smart, they’ll read the directions.  But now that I have booked a ton of interviews with both tools, I can’t tell you how many times people using Time Trade choose a time, see it in writing and close out the tab on their browser before clicking confirm.  They think it’s scheduled, but the host doesn’t receive the confirmation because they didn’t click confirm.
  3. Schedule Once allows you to add additional administrators to your account.  It’s incredibly handy to get the scheduling confirmations from my clients emailed right to my assistant.  Time Trade doesn’t let you email the confirmations to more than one person, so it requires my clients to have to remember to forward me the Time Trade scheduling confirmations.  Often times, they either forget or don’t have time and then I have to track them down.  Schedule Once takes away this hassle.

So there you have it, three reasons I am a big Schedule Once fan!  If you’re a Time Trade user and feel like I have it all wrong, please leave a comment below! I would love to hear your opinions.

How to Stand Out & Get Booked for Interviews

I talk to entrepreneurs every day who want to get booked for podcast and internet radio show interviews because it’s a great way to connect with the host and get your message heard to hundreds and even thousands of potential followers, prospects and clients.  I have many tips and strategies to get yourself booked for interviews, but I want to take today to focus on my number one tip:

 Position yourself as the go-to expert in a specific niche!

Podcasters are interested in interviewing successful people.  They want to have guests on their show who can bring immense value and lots of actionable content to their listeners, so as a guest expert, you have to position yourself as the go-to expert in a specific niche!  A couple examples of people who do this really well are:

Jim Palmer– The Newsletter Guru

Michelle Prince– America’s Productivity Coach

Cynthia Sanchez-

Ask yourself- If someone didn’t know me and they looked over my website briefly, would it be clear what niche I am the go to expert in?  If you are marketing yourself as the Jack or Jill of all trades, you’re going to lose out when it comes to podcast interviews.

Here are some things you can do to start communicating a clear message about your expertise:

1. Blog at least 1-2 times a week in just a few keys areas.  For example, I position myself as the go to expert in finding and booking podcast guests, so I consistently blog about this specific topic!

2. Post tweets and status updates on social media about the topic.

3. Engage with other leaders in the industry on social media.

4. Become an author.  By writing a book about your specific area of expertise, even an e-book or a special report, you will easily be able to market yourself as the go to expert in that area!


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A Golden Guest Tip: Be Humble

I’m in the business of podcast guest interviews. Yes, that’s right. My business, Interview Connections, specializes in finding and booking great guest interviews and naturally, I’ve been behind the mic a number of times myself.

I have tons of tips on how to be a great guest but the one I want to shed a little light on today is not only a tip that will help make you a great guest, it’s a tip that will help you be a better and more likable entrepreneur.

Be humble.

This is not a tip entrepreneurs are used to hearing and it’s not a trait most entrepreneurs have. And that’s fine- we are the CEO of businesses and that’s flippin’ awesome!! But I want to offer a reality check and tell you to get over yourself because the most genuine, successful, content rich, guest interviews are ones where the entrepreneur focuses more on giving and less on ‘how great they are.’

If you have hit your multiple 6 figure goal, or maybe your million dollar goal, or whatever goal you had for your business and you’re feeling on top of the world- I am thrilled for you!!

But when you do interviews on podcasts, stay humble.  You will attract so many more fans and clients than if you act like you’re all that and a bag of…(I’ll spare you the joke.)

The perfect example is Jennifer Lawrence. This woman is the most popular person in Hollywood and it’s because she not only has amazing talent, she acts and talks like the average person!

Another perfect example in the entrepreneurial world is Bob Burg.  Bob is so willing to give, give, give to his audience!  This man overwhelms me with how gracious and kind he is!  In return, Bob gets booked tons of times on podcast interviews, giving him great exposure!

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How to get celebrity guest interviews

how-to-get-celebrity-guest-interviewsSo, you started a podcast and now you want to interview the biggest names in business, right? Of course you do! Getting big celebrities on your podcast builds your credibility, increases downloads, gives you the opportunity to talk one on one with someone you wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to connect with, and it positions you as a celebrity by association.

I book guest interviews on a lot of different podcasts and have had the pleasure of connecting my clients with celebrity guest expert interviews like Jon Taffer, host of Bar Rescue, Stacey Poon-Kinney, who was a finalist on Food Network Star and starred in an episode of Restaurant Impossible, Jeff Olson, author of The Slight Edge, and Amy Porterfield, Facebook marketing expert.

Here are a couple of tips I have for appealing to celebrity guest experts who do not say ‘yes’ to everyone who asks for an interview.

1. Tell them your download numbers. If your download stats are very high and you like to show them off, this probably isn’t hard for you. Celebrity guest experts are approached for interviews all the time and cannot say yes to everyone so, they ask, or their publicist needs to know how many people are going to hear this interview? If only 100 people listen to every episode it’s probably not worth their time. But if you say right up front that you have impressive download numbers and tell them what those stats are, you’re more likely to get a yes.

—> If you don’t want to share download numbers, or perhaps you haven’t launched yet so you have no download numbers, tell them how big your list is. By telling someone that you have a list of, say 40k entrepreneurs, that is also very appealing knowing that you will be promoting the interview to a lot of potential listeners.  I am using this very strategy with a current client who has not yet launched yet.

2. The power of association. Who else have you interviewed? If you have interviewed guests who the celebrity guest expert may also know, find that common ground. Again, this builds your credibility and assures them you are someone worth spending time with during an interview.

3. Keep it short. When you call or email the guest, don’t write a novel and tell them your life story. They will likely scan the email or read the first couple sentences before making a decision of whether or not to take action.

4. Make it easy to schedule. Use a service like Schedule Once to schedule the interview so the process is as convenient as possible.

5. Offer a shorter interview. Several of the bigger celebrities I have booked will not do a 30 or 60 minute interview.  Much of the time they are calling in from a car while on the road or in back to back appointments.   By offering a 15-20 minute spot, they are more likely to say yes, and trust me, it won’t hurt you at all to air a shorter interview especially if the guest is very well known. You can always record a slightly longer intro after the interview and add a solo segment to your episode as well to make it a full 30 minute episode.

6. Make sure your web presence is impressive. These guests will check you out before committing to an interview. Make sure your website communicates that you are established and professional.  A big following on social media helps, though it’s not always a deal breaker.

Remember, celebrity guests are very exciting and can offer great value, expertise and experience to an interview. But a lot of podcasters make the mistake of obsessing over celebrities and forget that lesser known entrepreneurs can often resonate with listeners more.

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Interview Connections Highlights

Last week was another fantastic week in the world of Interview Connections podcasts. I was absolutely thrilled that my friend and client, Jason Silverman connected me with his guest last week, Michelle Lederman. Michelle was kind enough to hop on a Skype video call and chat for about 30 minutes with me! She is a wealth of information and energy and I immediately booked her on 4 of my client’s shows!

Listen to her interview on Jason’s podcast, which aired last Thursday. You can download the podcast at!


We all know John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur on Fire and have likely heard an interview or two (or many!) about how Entrepreneur on Fire came to be what it is today. But who was John Lee Dumas before his podcast fame? Do you know how many times he failed before launching EOFire? Do you know why he failed? Do you know who he spends most of his time with and who he coaches with?

If you are a fan of Entrepreneur on Fire, then you have to listen to this interview with Matt Theriault and John Lee Dumas. Matt, one of Itunes top 100 podcasters, interviews John and asks the questions others have been too afraid to ask! You can download the episode at


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Get booked- Now get prepared!

When you are booked for an interview on a podcast, make sure you are prepared at least 24 hours ahead of time! Here are some things to check-

  • You have call in details
  • You are connected with the host on Skype
  • Your microphone or headset works
  • If the host is supposed to call you for the interview, but doesn’t reach out at the time of the scheduled recording, send him or her instant message on Skype (or Facebook chat) to say you’re ready, or initiate just the call the host yourself
  • Get a mobile or office phone number to call in case of a last minute technical difficulty or emergency rescheduling
  • Have a quiet office!  Do not schedule interviews when your kids are running around making noise, and get your dogs and cats out of the room.  If the interview is on Skype, unplug your landline and turn off your cell phone.  Shut down Facebook and any other websites that ‘ping’
  • Last but NOT least- Don’t even think of typing something while you’re on the interview- the sound of the keyboard will pick up on the interview and it will sound very unprofessional!

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Interview Connections Highlights

Interview Connections books tons and tons of great guest interviews every month on various podcasts and internet radio shows.  Some of our favorite guest interviews that aired last week were:


Melanie Benson Strick was a guest on Jim Palmer’s Stick Like Glue Radio and they talked about how to get out of overwhelm, which is often a huge problem for entrepreneurs.  I learned a ton of great tips from this interview. The one nugget that has stuck with me is: Your work will expand to the hours you’re willing to work.  If you find yourself working 12 hour days, then you will create enough work for yourself to take up 12 hour days! But if you commit to an 8 hour day, or less, you will force yourself to be productive enough in those 8 hours so that you can enjoy your life outside of work after 5pm! Listen to the interview here:


Matt Theriault, host of Do Over (one of the TOP podcasts on Itunes!) interviewed one of my favorite entrepreneurs and authors, Bob Burg, last week.  Bob is the co-author of The Go Giver and the author of Adversaries into Allies.  The reason I loved this interview is because it wasn’t your typical podcast interview covering Go Giver laws, or main points of the new book.  Matt asked great questions about Bob’s career before becoming an entrepreneur and they had a great discussion about how sales skills are vital for entrepreneurs.  If you are a new podcaster, I highly recommend listening to Matt’s interview with Bob Burg not only for the content, but to learn from one of the most skilled interviewers I work with, Matt Theriault.  Listen at