Who is Your Podcast Avatar?

It’s impossible to run a successful business without knowing who your target market is, and the same is true with podcasting! Whether you are a podcast host or guest expert, you need to identify your ideal listener if podcasting is going to be a successful medium to grow your business. Here are my tips for identifying your podcast avatar and integrating it into your podcasting strategy.

Align your avatar with your goals – What is your goal with podcasting? Are you hoping to grow your email list or increase enrollment for your online course? Maybe you want to fill the open slots in your coaching program. Whatever your goal may be, think of the most ideal person you want fulfilling those goals for you. […]

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How to Produce a More Compelling Podcast

There is no shortage of marketing advice out there for increasing your podcast’s download numbers or making it to the top of the iTunes charts. What truly makes a great podcast that attracts listeners, however, is a highly produced, high quality show with compelling content. Here are some simple yet high impact tips that will help you #RockthePodcast! […]

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List Building Tips for Podcasters

Whether you have your own podcast or you are getting interviewed as a guest expert, one of the great benefits you’ll experience is building your email list. In order to have the maximum number of listeners opt-in to your list, you need to have a killer landing page with the following elements:

1. A simple URL. At some point during your interview or podcast, take the opportunity to direct listeners to a clear, simple URL. Remember, most people are listening while in the car, at the gym, etc. so they may not have the opportunity to write down what you are saying. Make it logical, short, and easy to remember. […]

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What Are Podcasts And What Is The Difference Between A Podcast And An Internet Radio Show?

One of my most frequently asked questions is: What is the difference between a podcast and an internet radio show? Even with the popularity of podcasts on the rise, the difference between these mediums isn’t always clear. Here are 4 main differences between a podcast an internet radio show.

1. Podcasts are pre-recorded. Internet radio shows air live on a specific day and time, while podcasts are pre-recorded. This allows for podcasts to be edited, while the content on internet radio shows is raw and live as it happens. […]

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How to Use Meet Edgar to Promote Your Content

When you are generating great content with your podcast interviews, promoting that content on social media is an important part of reaching your audience effectively. But posting a link to your interviews just one time is not enough to grow the audience! I’ve invested in a fantastic social media platform, Meet Edgar, and it has made a huge difference in my social media reach. […]

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How to Select the Right Topics for Your Podcast Interviews

You believe in the power of podcasting to grow your business and you’re ready to start getting interviewed on podcasts yourself. With the huge number of shows and topics out there, how do you know which topics you should be interviewed about? Here are three ways to determine your guest expert interview topics.

1. Know why you are getting interviewed – First and foremost, you need to identify your goal for doing interviews. Are you hoping to grow your email list? Do you want more buyers for your online course? Having a clear goal in mind will help you focus your topic list down to drive listeners to what you want them to do most. […]

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What Publicists Need To Know About Podcast Interviews

Getting publicity is a really smart move to help jump start your promotion and get your message out. When you and your publicist work to get you booked for podcasts, keep these 4 important things in mind:

1. Podcast interviews are not like “traditional” media interviews. – There are a lot of differences between traditional and new media (podcasting) but the biggest is that traditional media exposure tends to be live and topical while podcast interviews present evergreen content. […]

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Time Saving Tips for Podcasting

One of the major reasons I hear people give for why they don’t get into podcasting is that they simply don’t have the time. I’ve talked about how to outsource your podcast production which is obviously the biggest time saver of all. The reality is, however, that outsourcing is not in every podcaster’s budget. So, I am going to share with you my top 5 time-savers for podcasting, without outsourcing. […]

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Why You Need a One Sheet

Imagine going to the grocery store to buy a box of cereal. Instead of the colorful, descriptive boxes lining the shelves, all you find are plain brown boxes with price tags and a little note saying “The box of cereal is perfect for you!” It would be pretty hard to figure out which box was actually the one you wanted, right?

The same is true when you are pitching yourself as a guest expert without a one sheet. How is a host supposed to say YES without getting a good picture of who you are? A one sheet does just that. Its a one-page document that describes you as the great guest you are! It showcases your expertise in a concise and attractive way to let podcast hosts know who you are and what you have to offer their audience. If you’ve never seen a one sheet, here’s mine: […]

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Showing Your Cracks

I hear from podcast hosts all the time who are agonizing over a recent episode they recorded, yet haven’t released. The sound isn’t perfect, their guest was unprepared (or just obnoxious!), their voice sounds nasally – reason after reason after reason why they can never release the episode.

Friends, listen when I tell you that you are doing your audience and yourself a disservice when you insist on releasing only the most perfect podcast episodes. You are robbing your audience of the authenticity that podcasting so beautifully lends itself to. When you release an episode that is less than perfect, you are showing your audience that you are a real person with real flaws – just like them. You are giving them the opportunity to connect with you and be more open to your content, because they know your genuine. […]

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