When Can I Get Sponsors?

The right time to get sponsors for your podcast is as soon as you have a clearly defined audience that another business would find value in advertising to! It can be before you launch with no listeners yet, like LuAnn Nigara did with A Well Designed Business, it can be 3-6 months after you launch with 12 listeners, like Glenn The Geek did with Horse Radio Network, or several years after launch with 20,000+ downloads an episode like Jason Cabassi at The Walking Dead Cast. […]

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Reviews vs. Word of Mouth

I co-host a podcast called The Podcast Producers with Corey Coates. We are in pre-production for Season 3 which is scheduled to launch on June 1, 2017. The focus this season is on the listener; the people who are consuming the podcasts, not those producing them. You can learn so much more about how to produce a better show and grow your audience if you turn outwards, and ask your listeners for feedback!

I was recently in New York City and took the opportunity to interview podcast listeners I met on the train, subway and in breweries. […]

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Podcast Blogging

People consume content in different ways, depending on their learning styles. I am an auditory learner, so if you ask me what my favorite book is, I might not have a great answer OR I’ll tell you the last book I listened to on Audible!

Not everyone is a auditory learner, some people will prefer to read or watch videos. So, in order to reach a wider audience, I advise you repurpose your podcast into multiple formats. Here are some ideas for you: […]

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Video Marketing – The EASY Way

While podcast interviews may be the foundation of your content marketing plan, don’t stop there! Take the content you are covering either on your podcast or as a guest expert and repurpose it into great videos for your audience. Video marketing is by far my favorite kind of marketing. Not only does it allow people to hear your voice, but it also shows your audience what you look like, how you speak, facial expressions, body language, etc. […]

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Podcasting: Only a Piece to the Marketing Puzzle

Podcasting is a passion of mine, and if you have spent any time on my blog or learning about my company, Interview Connections, you know I love helping people grow their business with the power of podcasting. But the truth is, podcasting is part of the marketing puzzle! It takes time before the right people hear your show, join your community, opt in to your email list, and get to know, like, and trust you enough before they invest financially in your products and services… before they open their wallets and hand you money. […]

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How to Set Up Your Podcast Recording Space

Starting your own podcast does not mean you need to run out and rent space at a recording studio! Podcasts do not need to be just like radio shows recorded in sound-proof studios. They’re certainly not the drive-by interviews of the local news in which the listener expects to hear a lot of background noise. Whether you are recording your own podcast or being interviewed on someone else’s podcasts, here are my 4 tips for setting up your recording space. […]

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Action Steps to Take After Your Podcast Interview

Just because you’ve finished recording your podcast interview, doesn’t mean the work is over. There is much more to do following the interview if you are to successfully leverage the power of podcasting! Here are the two most important actions steps to take immediately after you record your interview: […]

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4 Things That Make a Podcast Good

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes a podcast good, but when I listened to Erik Newton’s interview on Jason Havey’s podcast, Spinning Logic, that’s exactly what I heard: a really good podcast. Here’s what I came up with:

It keeps you listening in your car even after you reach your destination. I usually listen to podcasts when I’m driving and I know a podcast is really good when I get home and I don’t want to get out of the car and stop the podcast! When I was listening to Spinning Logic on the way home from my office, I sat in my driveway, not wanting to turn off Erik telling his story of the Tibetan guide! […]

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Setting Clear Expectations

No matter what strategies you are using to grow your business; podcasting, hiring a business coach, attending a conference, trying a new marketing channel, etc., it is absolutely essential that you set clear and realistic expectations. Without setting clear expectations right from the get go, you will find yourself frustrated along the way simply because most investments you make in your business do not deliver immediate results. Without setting clear expectations, you might become a marketing quitter! […]

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