5 Reasons You Need to Be On Pinterest

As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, a common response I hear from prospective clients is “I don’t even know what Pinterest is.” I can understand why, if you aren’t even really sure what this site is all about, you would not want to consider spending time figuring out a whole new social media platform.

Pinterest is different. It’s powerful and brilliant and if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you need to be using it! […]

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Helpful business hint: Put a sign on your door!

If there is one thing I have learned since becoming a business owner, it’s that everyone has strengths that they can profit from. Some of the keys to being successful in your business ventures are to be confident, never give up, have a coach who can offer their wisdom and expertise as you get started and grow your business, and don’t be sloppy or let your weaknesses/shortcomings show.

I just got back from an appointment with a dermatologist and their practice is very new to the area. I knew I had arrived because the street address was highly visible on the building (lucky for them). But when I went inside the office building there were no signs pointing me to the correct office! I had to blindly go into another office asking where my doctor was located. I was not a happy patient. […]

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Welcome To Entrepreneur Support Services!

You’ve landed on our brand-new website – we’re just getting the place decorated and we’re open for business!

Please take a moment to explore the various solutions we offer to help you get more media interviews, dominate Pinterest, pull your prospects in with eye-catching custom infographics, and much more… […]

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