Should I Be a Host or a Guest First?

You know that podcasting is a great way to reach your target market and grow your business. But which side of the mic is the right place to start – as a host or as a guest expert? While each business has its own marketing and promotion strategy, my recommendation is generally to start as a Guest Expert, and here’s why:

1. The startup costs for a guest expert are very minimal compared to hosting your own show.

To get booked as a guest, you’ll need to invest (if you have not already) in a headshot, one sheet, outreach to podcasts for interviews, and promotion. To start recording interviews as a guest, all you’ll need for equipment is a microphone. […]

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Know Your Audience Before You Pitch

There is a disturbing trend growing in the world of podcasting. It starts off something like this… “I love your show and I’d be a perfect guest for you! Let’s set it up!” Recognize this kind of pitch? It’s boring, impersonal, and makes it clear that the writer has done absolutely no research into your show or your audience. Whether from an individual or a guest booking service, these types of pitches are becoming all too common, and I’ve heard an overwhelming number of complaints about this in the podcasting community. […]

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How to Be a Great Guest Expert

With the rise in popularity of podcasts, podcast hosts are being bombarded with interview requests. You can’t just be a good guest, you need to be GREAT! So how can you as a guest expert stand out from the crowd and attract great interviews? I am going to give you 4 ways you can be a GREAT guest expert.

1 – Be Beautiful – I’m not talking about looking like Angelina Jolie! I’m talking about having beautiful media that clearly represents your brand and your expertise. This includes an attractive headshot, website, one sheet, and social media presence. Having gorgeous images and a clearly articulated message of who you are and what you have to offer will instantly help establish your credibility with a host. […]

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How to Find Podcast Interviews

So you are ready to make the leap into getting interviewed on podcasts. Congratulations! You’ve got your one sheet and headshot ready to go, and you’re off to start pitching yourself to shows. Now…where do you start? I’m going to share with you 3 resources for finding great interviews on podcasts in your niche.

Good Ol’ Google – Simple yet effective, googling the type of podcasts you want to be interviewed on is a great place to start. Try different key terms and see what you come up with. When you find a show that interests you and that you think you’d make a good fit for, make sure you really dig into their website. Does the show conduct interviews? How often? Are they currently publishing episodes? If you can’t find that information on their website, jump onto iTunes and scroll through their episodes. Make sure you are the right fit for the show AND that they are still actively producing their podcast before reaching out! […]

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What Makes an Expert

Our world is a noisy place. When you are looking for guidance, whether in your personal or professional life, how can you sort through all the hype and get the honest, expert advice you need? I want to challenge you to do your homework and look for 2 key indicators before you let yourself be influenced by an expert. […]

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How to book, schedule and manage podcast guests 

If you want to have a successful, well-respected and highly recommended podcast, then you need to make it super easy for your guests to get booked and scheduled! After all, if your guests enjoy their experience not only during the interview but before and after the recording, they’ll become a raving fan and brand ambassador for your podcast.

First, make sure your ask is clear and specific and they have an understanding of what you want to talk to them about during the interview. A confused guest is a frustrated guest! […]

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How to be a Celebrity

When you think of ‘celebrity’, what or who comes to mind? I think of Hollywood actors; Brad Pitt and the like. I think of people who are well known and have the perception of people who are successful, loved and those who are listened to. When they talk, people listen. When Ashton Kutcher tweeted about Target needing changing tables in male restrooms, Target obliged! If my husband tweeted about that, it’d be read by maybe 2 people and forgotten (sorry, honey).

The more you get interviewed, the more people see you as a celebrity. The more people see you as a celebrity, the more people listen to you. The more people listen to you, the more influence you have! The more influential you are, the more business, money and success you attract. […]

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How to be prepared as a podcast guest

Each podcast interview you do will be slightly different. Different shows have different flows and while some hosts will ask you the questions you provide on your one sheet, others will be totally conversational and ask you only questions that they thought of.

To be most prepared for your podcast interviews as a guest, follow these simple tips: […]

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How to Generate Income By Being a Podcast Guest

I’ve been asked this question a lot and it’s one of the many topics of conversations we have with new guest expert clients at Interview Connections. When you invest your time and money into getting booked as a guest expert and appearing on podcasts, you want to see a return on your investment; you want to generate income in your business and, preferably, you want to generate income sooner rather than later.

Unlike a webinar or a teleseminar, you cannot and should not pitch a product or service you sell to a podcast audience on the air. That, of course, would be the fastest way to generate income but it’s also the fastest way to have podcasters never invite you back on their show or even worse, not publish the interview because you sounded like you just came on the podcast to pitch their listeners. […]

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