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IC018: How To Rock The Podcast From Both Sides Of The Mic with Ty Crandall

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Jess has found a passion for antigravity yoga, and Margy is obsessed with a new podcast! Then, listen to our interview with expert host AND guest, Ty Crandall, and a new segment called Would you Rather?! Podcast Edition!

Interview with Ty Crandall

What does Ty do for fun?

  • First of all, Ty finds work FUN!
  • Ty loves to go boating and he has his pilot’s license!

What does Ty watch on TV?

  • Ty spends most of his free time staying active with his kids, so not much TV
  • Ty and his wife do enjoy Big Brother and The Profit!
  • He likes to be always learning or doing something productive

How does Ty stay SO positive?

  • Every bad thing is an opportunity to help you level up and get out of your comfort zone
  • You have to experience pain to find what makes you happy, so all experiences are GOOD!

Did Ty start as a host or a guest?

  • Ty heard Jessica talking about podcasting
  • He then repurposed his webinars into podcast episodes, and months later had thousands of downloads!
  • Only at 6 months in did they start actually interviewing, up until then it was just webinar content
  • Interview Connections started booking more guests on Ty’s show, and then booking Ty as a guest!

What are the benefits of interviewing guests and being interviewed?

  • Relationships are the biggest benefit- amazing people with amazing stories
  • Ty has met people who are now his good friends through interviews!
  • Ty runs into people at live events who he has previously met on interviews
  • Huge SEO benefits from podcast interviews
  • All the interviews establish Ty’s credibility
  • 10-15% of Ty’s customers come from podcasting

Would You Rather?! PODCAST EDITION!

We’re judging shows based on the title alone! Would you rather listen to…..

  1. Thank God I’m an atheist OR Hugs from Heaven?!
  2. Love Me OR Wolf it Down?!
  3. Meditate with Mitch OR Meditate This?!
  4. Laser Time OR We’re Alive: Lockdown?!
  5. Flow Dreaming OR Ask the Cyber Dating Expert?!
  6. Magic Animal Club Podcast OR The History of the Ottoman Empire?!

Ty’s 2016 Episode on #RockThePodcast

The Business Credit and Financing Show

Credit Suite

Jim Palmer

Dream Biz Academy

My Favorite Murder



Thank God I’m an Atheist Podcast

Hugs from Heaven Podcast

Love Me Podcast

Wolf it Down Podcast

Meditate with Mitch Podcast

Meditate This! Podcast

Laser Time Podcast

We’re Alive: Lockdown Podcast

Flow Dreaming Podcast

Ask the Cyber Dating Expert Podcast

Magic Animal Club Podcast

The History of the Ottoman Empire Podcast

How to Not Be A Jerk in Podcasting


No matter how much you plan, how much you prepare, how much you communicate, in the world of podcasting (and let’s face it, in the world in general), things will go wrong. You will get stood up for an interview, your microphone will die right as you are starting to record, your computer will crash taking all your precious audio files with it. These things are bound to happen, so what can you do to keep momentum? Be graceful.

Having grace is not easy. When you’ve been waiting…waiting…waiting…on Skype for your guest to arrive and it’s 15 minutes passed your scheduled start time, an attitude of grace is the last thing on most of our minds. Annoyance? Frustration? The urge to blast this person on social media? That’s more like it. But before you jump on Facebook to vent about this obviously horrible person, stop. Your first reaction needs to be one of professional grace and courtesy. Don’t get stimied in your own frustration. You’re only hurting yourself! Rather extend a hand of grace to the person who stood you up. Send a brief email graciously letting them know that they missed their appointment with you and give them the opportunity to explain.

Now, whether you decide to reschedule with them is up to you. There are a lot of factors that go into why someone doesn’t show up for an interview – technical difficulties, family emergencies, calendar mistakes, etc. There are also a lot of reasons why you may or may not want to reschedule. But whatever you decide, handle these situations with grace and professionalism, not with condemnation and condescension.

A BIG CAVEAT – There are jerks out there. There are people who are entirely self-centered and will try to bleed you dry with their expectations. Being gracious does NOT mean being a doormat! You can be the bigger person while still protecting your podcast, your business, and your life.

Remember that having an attitude of grace doesn’t just stop with how you treat others. Sometimes, you need to extend grace to yourself. Sometimes YOU are the one that misses an interview or has a technical malfunction. No matter how experienced and prepared you are as a podcaster, mistakes will happen, so don’t beat yourself up! Be honest and upfront about your mistakes and make them right. Live, learn, and move on.

Bitterness and a judgmental attitude will kill your growth, personally and professionally. Extend to others the same type of grace and consideration you would want to be extended to you. While you’re building a reputation as an authority in your niche, build a reputation as a great person to work with as well. You’ll attract better guests to your podcast, better clients to your business, and better influencers in your life.



The Power of Positivity


There is one key thing all podcasters need to find success.  No, it’s not a $2,000 microphone or a huge celebrity guest.  It’s certainly not becoming “#1 in New and Noteworthy!”  The key to success in podcasting and life in general is positivity.

The brain can only hold one type of thought at a time, a positive thought or a negative thought. More and more I am seeing people choose the negative.  Why is it that when someone posts an update on Facebook that asks people to post their  “biggest pet peeve” they’ll get HUNDREDS of responses?  Why do that??  Why inspire a conversation of negativity?

I often see podcasters taking to social media to “rant” about a bad guest, a bad host, a bad experience.  While we all need a trusted circle of advisors to air our frustrations, stop and think before you vent about a negative experience to the world.  Rather than posting a laundry list of the wrongdoings of a fellow podcaster, try rephrasing your experience in a way that others can learn from it.  “Today, I had a guest show up totally unprepared. They obviously knew nothing about me or my show and contributed absolutely NO actionable content!!”  Instead of ending that with, “What a jerk!  I hope they get their act together,” try reframing it. “I learned my lesson.  I definitely need to put a one-sheet together for my show, so I can communicate my expectations to my guests well before the interview.”

We’re all going to have bad experiences, but having a pity party on social media is not only NOT helpful to anyone, it makes you look petty and difficult to work with.  Don’t get a reputation for being negative! You don’t need other people patting you on the back saying, “Oh, poor you!”  You need to rise above difficulty and show that you are a resilient and positive person, in your business and in life.  A positive person is magnetic, and people will want to work with you when they see positivity.

So I challenge you, take one week without complaining. I’m not just talking about complaining about your podcast or your business.  Quit cold turkey and don’t complain about ANYTHING for an entire week.  See how the power of positivity changes your world.

What Makes an Expert


Our world is a noisy place.  When you are looking for guidance, whether in your personal or professional life, how can you sort through all the hype and get the honest, expert advice you need?  I want to challenge you to do your homework and look for 2 key indicators before you let yourself be influenced by an expert.

1 – Qualifying Experience – The most important thing to look for in an expert is someone who has genuine experience in what they claim to be their area of expertise.  Too many “experts” out there tout the secret to success, when in reality, they have never achieved that success themselves!  I didn’t start teaching you about podcasting after doing 3 months of shows.  I teach because my company books hundreds of interviews a month!  Jim Palmer, my coach, became a business coach only AFTER starting and growing multiple 6 figure businesses FIRST.

Would you hire a flying instructor to teach you to become a pilot, if they had never flown a plane? No way!  So do your research and make sure the experts you are allowing to influence you have the credentials to back it up.

2 – Sterling Reputation – Just because someone has experience in a particular field does not mean it is reputable experience that you can learn from. You’ll need to do your research and check out their professional reputation.  Do they have testimonials from actual clients on their website (heck, do they even have a website)?  If so, are the testimonials descriptive and specific to what this person has actually accomplished?

You are only going to to get a true sense for their reputation if you go beyond what they publish about themselves and look for some objective opinions.  Google their name, their company, and their product and see what you find.  Do they have a social media presence?  What are people saying about them?  If you have a trusted network, what are they saying about this expert?  There are, unfortunately, a lot of snake oil salesmen out there, so it is entirely in your best interest to make sure they are above reproach.

These two indicators might seem completely obvious, but more and more, they are being completely overlooked. Flashy marketing and bold claims have blinded many to what tragically turned out to be empty promises and misdirective guidance.  So BEFORE you invest your time and money in someone, do your research!

Are you looking for the experts on podcast guests?  Don’t be fooled by imitators!  My team at Interview Connections and I have the experience and reputation you can trust.


Celebrate Small Victories


As I celebrate the holiday season; Christmas, New Years, my birthday, I get to thinking about how much has been accomplished in the last year and how much has changed. One very important lesson comes to mind when thinking about all of this: celebrate your victories, no matter how small.

As entrepreneurs and podcasters, we’re constantly upping our goals, coming up with new podcast episodes, going for higher downloads and revenue in our podcast and business. As you increase your standards and go for bigger and better things, don’t forget to celebrate your victories along the way.

Sometimes it feels weird celebrating victories on social media because you don’t want to brag but it’s important to share your victories with people who want to celebrate with you! I would be honored if you commented below and shared with me a recent victory so I can give you a virtual high five!

Thank You


gratitudeIn my business with my clients, on my podcast, in my videos and here on this blog, I talk a lot about how podcasting and doing interviews on other shows is a great way to build your business. You get exposure to new followers, prospects and clients. You build your email list and you get attention for your brilliance! It’s an ego boost, let’s just be frank about it.

You will get a lot more out of podcasting when you don’t focus on what you get, but what you give. You’ll get more out of the experience when you focus on how grateful you are to the other person. If you’re being interviewed on someone else’s podcast, be grateful that they chose you to spend their time with. If you are hosting a podcast, be grateful to each and every guest that accepts your invitation to be on your show.

When a guest shares the interview they did on your podcast on social media, don’t think “good, they should.” Think “Wow! That is SO awesome they went the extra mile to not only be on my podcast, but to share it with their audience!”

Too many podcasters expect guests to share the show.

Ladies and gentleman, when you EXPECT guests to market your podcast, you’re exhibiting a sense of entitlement… which is a really unattractive quality.

Be grateful. Be thankful. Let the power of reciprocity grow your audience, not entitlement!

To everyone who has read this blog, listened to my podcast, watched my videos, opened my emails, engaged with me and shared my content, from the bottom of my heart thank you. I’m incredibly grateful to each and every one of you and it’s such an honor to create content that has an impact on your life and in your business.

Always Be Marketing

always-bemarketing“I tried that, but it didn’t work”

What I have learned from building a business that has experienced fast growth in the first few years; replacing my income in 6 months, and then going onto hit 6 figures in the first year, is that you must ABM: Always Be Marketing! You must always be marketing on all different platforms and you must always be marketing on those platforms without giving up.

There is no quick fix or silver bullet to success. You need to blog, podcast, build and engage with an email list, do video marketing, get interviewed on podcasts, go to live events, etc. and as long as you want to be building your business, DON’T STOP DOING ANY OF THESE THINGS!

I recently listened to an interview on a podcast I recorded about 8 months ago. I said to my friend Corey, “OMG Why do I sound so high pitched? I sound terrible!” He said, “Everyone wants to delete their first few episodes.” You know why? Because we aren’t good when we started!

In your first video, you will not be that good! In your first interviews as a guest, you won’t be that great! You might not be a train wreck, but you will not be as good as you WILL be when you stick with it for as long as you want to grow your business.

My first interview as a guest, I was sweating and a nervous wreck. My first video, I was stiff and boring. As mentioned above, when I first started podcasting, I was high pitched and awkward. If I gauged the success of these marketing platforms based on the first couple of months trying them, I’d have quit and my business would be half the size it is today, maybe smaller. Instead, I stuck with each and every marketing platform, and kept adding more; emailing my list, co hosting a second podcast, blogging consistently, speaking at live events. Today, I’m (dare I say) a good podcaster! I’m a great guest and charismatic and entertaining on video. My business continues to grow at a rapid pace because I have continued to market consistently and persistently in as many ways as possible.

So the next time you ask “How long will it take?” hear my voice in your head saying “Be patient and don’t give up because successful entrepreneurs will always be marketing.”

Be Intentional

Be-IntentionalI have made a huge effort recently to be incredibly intentional about whom I spend my time with and what information I consume on a day-to-day basis, and from whom I consume information.

From the podcasts I listen to, to the Facebook groups I participate in, and the mastermind groups I engage with, I am strategic and purposeful about each and every one.

My goal is to grow Interview Connections to a million dollar company and because of that goal I intentionally surround myself with entrepreneurs who have million dollar companies or businesses that are in the high six figures. Interview Connections is currently in the low six figures.

One podcast I listen to several times a week is Ask Gary V. The reason I choose to subscribe to this show (or shooooooow for those who also listen, you’ll get that reference!) is because Gary Vaynerchuk is a millionaire entrepreneur with a large service based business much like Interview Connections is.

I listen to Ali Brown‘s podcast because she is a millionaire entrepreneur who has two year old twins! She talks about how she rented an office space outside her home after she had kids so I can relate to that part of her story as well. Up until last month I worked from home and now I work in a remote office.

Another example of an entrepreneur I look up to is Mike Agugliaro. Mike has a $26 million dollar service business. Because of his success in growing a large service company, I follow him on Facebook, I watch his videos, and even better, I am in a mastermind group with him!

And with that being said, I invest in the Dream Business Mastermind and Coaching program because everyone in that group is an entrepreneur that takes massive action in their business and has big goals for where they want to go with their businesses.

How intentional are you about the people you spend your time with? Look around. What podcasts do you listen to? Are the hosts and guests on those podcast in a place that you would like to take your business to? What Facebook groups are you in? Are you constantly answering questions but rarely finding yourself asking other members for support?




How I am Working Less & Making More

working-lessWith the birth of my second baby, I fully expected business to slow down. After all, I would not be able to work very much and my time online would be limited so promoting the content that I produced before the birth would be challenging.

However, the first week of my maternity leave, Interview Connections signed up several new members resulting in a significant increase in revenue for the business! Even with all the additional business, I’m still able to stay out of the office because I have spent the last 9 months on delegating, outsourcing and building a kick butt team!

If you also want the freedom to grow your business and work less hours here are some of my tips:

1. Create clear and detailed descriptions of the different roles in your business. Right now, you may fill all those roles! But you want to have documents that describe each role so you can hire the best people possible to fill each role.

2. Hire people based on their character, not just skill level and experience.

3. Determine your business core values interview new potential team members using behavioral questions so you can determine if they share your values.

4. Hire slow, fire fast. If you have given a team member substantial training but the work is still not being done on time, or done well enough, let them go. The only reason you should hire someone is because they help make the business more profitable. The minute they become an expense and hurt the profitability of your business, you need to let them go.

5. Empower your team! It is so hard as a business owner to let go but if you empower your team to handle all the different aspects of your business, you will feel a great sense of relief and joy when you witness your business being operated without you.

6. Be purposeful and intentional. Ask yourself with every decision you make: Will this decision get me closer to my goal or steer me in a different direction? If it’s not a ‘Hell Yes!’ it’s a no.

7. Show gratitude. I empower and train my team to show gratitude and appreciation to the clients they are serving on my behalf and I make a big effort to show gratitude to my team. Not only verbally, but with cards, small gifts, pay increases, bonuses and large gifts. When your team feels valued and appreciated, they will work harder for your business and take more ownership over the work they do for you.

If you want to learn more about team building, I highly recommend listening to my interview with Bill Watkins and Robert Mallon!

Click the image to visit that podcast episode:


I’m a Marketer & an Entrepreneur, But Podcasting is Still My Art

it's my art

In The Podcast Producers, Corey and I talk about the art and business of podcasting and in one episode we dedicate the entire conversation to the topic of hobby vs. business podcasting. I was candid in the show that I decided to accept Corey’s offer to co-host this show because I believed it would be good for my business; it’d serve as a good marketing tool for Interview Connections. What I discovered though, throughout the process of creating the series was that I LOVE podcasting; I love the connection I make with the guest and my cohost, I love the challenge of conducting a good interview and I love the art of finding my voice. 

I want to talk about that last part: “finding my voice” because that’s a phrase that’s thrown around a lot. 

Here’s what I mean by the art of finding my voice. 

In my first podcast interview (heck in my first 20 podcast interviews!) I sound stiff and the tone of my voice was higher. You know how when you answer the phone and you’re speaking with a stranger you have a higher voice to sound polite? Them when your spouse calls you pick up and say “hey” and your voice is more in your chest than in your head? For me, finding my voice on the mic was being able to talk into the mic as if the person on the other side (be it a listener, guest or co host) was someone I know intimately well…even when it was the first time I had ever talked to that person. 

When you get to a place where you speak into the mic comfortably, magic happens on your podcast. Your listeners feel like they are your close friend; like they are your partner. 

This realization for me happened after about 40 podcast recordings so if you’ve only just begun, have patience and keep at it!