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IC018: How To Rock The Podcast From Both Sides Of The Mic with Ty Crandall

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Jess has found a passion for antigravity yoga, and Margy is obsessed with a new podcast! Then, listen to our interview with expert host AND guest, Ty Crandall, and a new segment called Would you Rather?! Podcast Edition!

Interview with Ty Crandall

What does Ty do for fun?

  • First of all, Ty finds work FUN!
  • Ty loves to go boating and he has his pilot’s license!

What does Ty watch on TV?

  • Ty spends most of his free time staying active with his kids, so not much TV
  • Ty and his wife do enjoy Big Brother and The Profit!
  • He likes to be always learning or doing something productive

How does Ty stay SO positive?

  • Every bad thing is an opportunity to help you level up and get out of your comfort zone
  • You have to experience pain to find what makes you happy, so all experiences are GOOD!

Did Ty start as a host or a guest?

  • Ty heard Jessica talking about podcasting
  • He then repurposed his webinars into podcast episodes, and months later had thousands of downloads!
  • Only at 6 months in did they start actually interviewing, up until then it was just webinar content
  • Interview Connections started booking more guests on Ty’s show, and then booking Ty as a guest!

What are the benefits of interviewing guests and being interviewed?

  • Relationships are the biggest benefit- amazing people with amazing stories
  • Ty has met people who are now his good friends through interviews!
  • Ty runs into people at live events who he has previously met on interviews
  • Huge SEO benefits from podcast interviews
  • All the interviews establish Ty’s credibility
  • 10-15% of Ty’s customers come from podcasting

Would You Rather?! PODCAST EDITION!

We’re judging shows based on the title alone! Would you rather listen to…..

  1. Thank God I’m an atheist OR Hugs from Heaven?!
  2. Love Me OR Wolf it Down?!
  3. Meditate with Mitch OR Meditate This?!
  4. Laser Time OR We’re Alive: Lockdown?!
  5. Flow Dreaming OR Ask the Cyber Dating Expert?!
  6. Magic Animal Club Podcast OR The History of the Ottoman Empire?!

Ty’s 2016 Episode on #RockThePodcast

The Business Credit and Financing Show

Credit Suite

Jim Palmer

Dream Biz Academy

My Favorite Murder



Thank God I’m an Atheist Podcast

Hugs from Heaven Podcast

Love Me Podcast

Wolf it Down Podcast

Meditate with Mitch Podcast

Meditate This! Podcast

Laser Time Podcast

We’re Alive: Lockdown Podcast

Flow Dreaming Podcast

Ask the Cyber Dating Expert Podcast

Magic Animal Club Podcast

The History of the Ottoman Empire Podcast

Feminist Company Values

The Backstory

Lobbying a US Senator on Safe Chemicals
Lobbying a US Senator on Safe Chemicals

When I left my non profit activist job in 2013 to start my business and work from home with my newborn baby, I thought in a way that I was going ‘to the dark side’ – the for profit world! Suddenly, I went from having a job where my

The early days of starting a business
The early days of starting a business

goal was to fight for the environment, to starting a business where my job was to make money.

As a new mom, that wasn’t a challenge because I had this new baby to support. Now that that newborn is almost 4 years

old and I have two kids, I find myself searching for a way to give back. I’m eager to let ‘activist Jess’ back out and make my business mean something more than earning money for my family.


On Saturday, January 21st, my family and I participated in the Women’s March while we were traveling in Chicago. I’ve always been a feminist, ever since my parent’s played the Country radio station in the car when I was little and I hated that the DJ’s played more men than women. As a business owner, I rarely talk about anything political because I don’t want to offend anyone or repel potential clients who have opposing view points. 

On Tuesday, January 24th, I felt compelled to share this on Facebook:

It was shared 3 times, I got dozens of thumbs up and multiple supportive comments! I even received this message from an old client:


The response I got on Facebook from sharing openly my values of feminism and female empowerment gave me the confidence to write more here about my mission for my business.


Our mission is to bring entrepreneurs together for podcast interviews and create meaningful employment opportunities for working mothers and women

When you work with Interview Connections and support us in any way, you are supporting a company owned by a working mother and run by women, mothers and one cool dude named David!

Curious about who some of our team members are? Check out some of their words below!

Team Call


I am a busy lady! Normally, I try to squeeze a few extra hours out of every day. I have yet to be successful. Working with Jessica and Interview Connections has allowed me the flexibility to rearrange my work day so I can fit all of those things that make me busy (producing & hosting my podcast Great Beer Adventure, being an engineer on a local radio show, planning a large event for my show, designing a beer themed activity book, just to name a few) into the typical work day so that I can focus on being with my kids when they are home! – Amanda

I enjoy working for Interview Connections because as a missionary serving in an exotic land I can still balance living my personal dream and passion with an online career giving me the opportunity to pay it back by introducing successful clients to great hosts of amazing shows where they can speak their passion to the masses as they also live their dream and get the exposure they need to continue being successful. This makes for a very fulfilling life for me  and I consider Jessica and this company an answer to a very sincere prayer so that I can stay in this voluntary assignment. -David
I love working for Interview Connections because I love working for an employer who shares my ideals! I’m appreciative of the flexible work hours this job provides, and quite frankly, I love the work! How cool is it to listen to podcasts for a job!?! It’s nice to be a part of a well-organized, team-oriented organization, with stellar communication skills (and a deep affection for cats). – Emma
I love working for Interview Connections because I can have it all, work from home while raising my two small children, and work with likeminded people. Jessica isn’t a typical boss which is great, she checks in on you and is more of a mentor and makes sure you have the tools to get the job done. The team at IC is unmatchable, everyone pitches in to help and always has each others backs, there is no better place to work. -Emily
I love working for Internet Connections – the work is interesting and purposeful.   Jessica is one of the most inspiring “bosses” I have ever had. There is a true sense of team, and we are encouraged to rely on our creativity and resourcefulness to get the job done.  The ability to work anytime, anywhere, encourages a seamless integration from work to life and back again. Best of all, I am home with my 9 horses- and have the flexibility to ride and play and still meet the needs of my assigned clients.  (oh and the clients are AWESOME)- Denise
Can’t wait to work with our amazing team!? Get started today – Visit to get booked as a guest expert or visit if you need guests for YOUR podcast!

Podcast Launch Blueprint

Podcast Launch Blueprint

In October 2014, I launched my podcast Rhodes to Success and then in 2015, Corey Coates and I launched our show, The Podcast Producers. Since 2013, I’ve helped dozens of podcasters launch their show by bookings great guests for their show. With this experience in mind, here my top tips for launching a podcast.

Start with the end in mind.

You have to know what your goal is for the podcast and be crystal clear about it. Where do you want your podcast to go? Is your goal to market your business or do you envision it becoming its own revenue-generating entity with sponsors and advertisers? You have to know what your goal is before you begin investing time and money into your effort or you will never get the results you want.

Decide on a launch date.

The biggest pitfall I see new podcasters fall victim to is a fear of commitment. They are afraid to commit to a launch date for their show. I firmly believe that you should set a launch date, carve it in stone, and stick to it! Without a launch date, you will get stuck in the mode of planning: plan and plan and plan without actually starting! That being said, be flexible. If something pushes it back a week, that’s OK. But don’t push off your launch by trying to be perfect.

You won’t be good (at first).

Your podcast will not be that good when you launch. Just accept that. I can’t even bring myself to listen to my first few episodes because I’m pretty sure I would embarrass myself! It takes time for every new podcaster to find their groove. Do not focus on launching a perfect podcast, or you never will! Someone once said, “If you aren’t embarrassed by your first few episodes, you waited too long to launch.”

Ignore (most) experts.  

As soon as you explore the multitude of Facebook groups and online forums for podcasters, you will be quickly overwhelmed by all the marketing tactics and launch strategies that you’ll find there. There are countless marketers teaching new podcasters how to “game the iTunes system” to get to the top of New and Noteworthy. Friend, ignore them all… or at least most of them! You never win with an attempt to game the system. Successful podcasters are not those who are number one in New and Noteworthy. Successful podcasters are those who stick with it and keep publishing, consistently delivering valuable content to their listeners.

Prioritize content over technical set up.  

You can also quickly get bogged down in the technical side of podcasting: how to record, getting a mixer, audio editing software, etc. as well as artwork and audio branding. It can range from a conference call recording to a $1,500+ studio set up. While I wanted my own podcast to be as professional as possible, I also knew that if I got too wrapped up in the complexities, I would not make my October 1st launch date. The old “analysis paralysis” in full swing!

As with anything in business, it’s more important to implement and take massive action if you want to be successful. Getting stuck in pre-launch activities won’t help you. Yes, you need pre-launch planning but sticking to your date is more important. Your podcast isn’t doing anyone any good if it’s sitting on your computer without anyone to listen to it. You can and will improve as you go. Move at the speed of instruction. Do the best you can with what you have.  Focusing a ton of your energy on launch and your iTunes ranking will burn you out. Podcasting is long term – a marathon, not a sprint. If you put most of your resources (your time and money) on the launch, you will quickly lose sight of the long-term vision for your show. The launch is only the start. The real game is ongoing shows that offer value to listeners.

Work with my team at Interview Connections to book great guests on your show! 

Podcast Blogging

People consume content in different ways, depending on their learning styles. I am an auditory learner, so if you ask me what my favorite book is, I might not have a great answer OR I’ll tell you the last book I listened to on Audible!

Not everyone is a auditory learner, some people will prefer to read or watch videos. So, in order to reach a wider audience, I advise you repurpose your podcast into multiple formats. Here are some ideas for you:

  1. Get your podcast transcribed – Not everyone has the time or desire to listen to a whole podcast, but they shouldn’t have to miss out on the great content you are sharing!  Transcribe your podcast or your podcast interviews on other shows and host the transcriptions on your website for easy access.  Transcription is very affordable through a service like Rev.
  2. Write a blog answering your FAQ’s – To get your blog going, follow the same action steps from my blog about video marketing. Instead of filming 10 two-minute videos, simply write out your answers to the questions you are most frequently asked… or the questions that are most frequent in your industry or on your podcast interviews. If you haven’t been asked a lot of questions yet, go into the Facebook groups and LinkedIn forums where your target audience is hanging out and take note of the most frequently asked questions from group members. If writing is really a struggle for you, there are literally hundreds of ghostwriters and virtual assistants who can help, so don’t abandon your blog because you don’t have the time or desire to write!

Simple steps, big results.  By publishing a consistent and content-rich blog, you can reach a whole new audience with wide-reaching medium.  Don’t limit yourself to JUST podcasting, JUST videos, or JUST blogs!  Reach your target market through the medium that speaks to them the best.

And when you are ready to add podcasting to your marketing plan, contact me and my team at Interview Connections!

Video Marketing – The EASY Way

While podcast interviews may be the foundation of your content marketing plan, don’t stop there!  Take the content you are covering either on your podcast or as a guest expert and repurpose it into great videos for your audience.  Video marketing is by far my favorite kind of marketing. Not only does it allow people to hear your voice, but it also shows your audience what you look like, how you speak, facial expressions, body language, etc.

You might be saying, “Jessica, you really expect me to get in front of a camera? No way!”  Well, yes, I do, and yes you can!  You also might be thinking, “That sounds really complicated, expensive, and time consuming!”  And no, it doesn’t have to be!  I’m going to break down simple and inexpensive steps to integrate video marketing into your content strategy.

  1. Write a list of the ten most frequently asked questions that you get from your clients or on podcast interviews  – What are you already talking about with your clients or during your interviews?  These are the topics that will make great videos!  You don’t need to reinvent the wheel and develop new content.  Use what you already have and get it out to your audience through a new medium!
  2. Set up your camera on a tripod or use a selfie stick – When I say “camera,” I’m not talking about an expensive DSLR video camera; you are not trying to win any YouTube vlog contests.  Your iPhone is fine!  I recommend using a tripod or selfie stick for stability, but you don’t need to invest in a fancy backdrop.  Film where you are, wherever you are!   In the office, for a walk in your neighborhood, at a conference…inject your personality and give your audience a glimpse of the spaces that inspire you.
  3. Film two-minute videos answering your 10 faq’s – 2 minutes…is that a typo?  NO!  Keep your videos short and to the point.  Your audience is there for your content, so give it to them in a quick, powerful video.  Not only does this help your audience to stay focused and access your content, but it makes the job much simpler for you!  You don’t need to craft a long 10 or 20 minute video to be effective. People have short attention spans these days. Keep it short.
  4. Schedule your videos to release weekly – Release your videos on Facebook and on YouTube.  These are free mediums for your video hosting, and you can embed the videos from YouTube onto right onto your blog.

That is it! In time, I’d recommend coming up with a name for your “web TV show,” but to start, simply film several videos and get them online. Remember, if you want to see a return on your investment, then you need more content for podcast listeners to consume once they get to your website, and short, content-rich videos are an excellent way to engage new fans and followers.


Podcasting: Only a Piece to the Marketing Puzzle

Podcasting is a passion of mine, and if you have spent any time on my blog or learning about my company, Interview Connections, you know I love helping people grow their business with the power of podcasting.  But the truth is, podcasting is part of the marketing puzzle!  It takes time before the right people hear your show, join your community, opt in to your email list, and get to know, like, and trust you enough before they invest financially in your products and services… before they open their wallets and hand you money.

In order to truly get a return on investment from podcasting, you must build out a full marketing platform. Having a beautiful, professional website is a great start, but there’s so much more to a profitable marketing platform than just a website. At his Dream Business Academy live events, Dream Business Coach, Jim Palmer teaches what a million-dollar marketing platform looks like. Here’s the snapshot of what it includes:

  • Video marketing
  • Podcasting
  • Speaking and interviews
  • Social media marketing
  • Becoming an author
  • Content marketing

In order to truly get a return on your investment as a guest expert on podcasts, you must have the whole marketing platform in place, so people who hear you on a podcast have more of your content to consume when they land on your website.

Personally, I have the perfect example of why that’s true: When I was at Social Media Marketing World 2015 in San Diego, a man named Adrion Porter approached me on the first day of the conference and introduced himself. He told me he’d listened to my interview on Leaders in the Trenches, hosted by Gene Hammett. He went on to download my podcast, Rhodes to Success. After enjoying my podcast, he found my web TV show, Interview Connections TV. After that, he invited several of our Interview Connections guest expert clients on his podcast and has also been a guest on my show. The relationship that has evolved has paid off for both of us.

Now, imagine if he heard my interview on Leaders in the Trenches, went to my website, and found a sales page with no free, valuable content to consume! We never would have met at the conference because he would not have known what I looked like (hint, hint… do videos!) and all the amazing interviews we connected him with would not have happened. Click here to check out my interview with Adrion on Rhodes to Success!

And if you want to learn how to put together all your marketing pieces and build your own million-dollar business, join me at Dream Business Academy!

The Power of Celebrity Positioning in Podcasting

The key to getting podcasters interested in interviewing you is positioning yourself as a celebrity expert.

The digital age ushered in the ability to publish your own books, record your own songs, create your own “on air” presence, and more.  We live in this amazing time in which you can create your own celebrity persona almost overnight. And guess what? That’s exactly what podcasters want: the ability to align themselves with celebrities.

In the online marketing world, “celebrity” is all about perception. It has nothing to do with how much money you have, the number of names on your email list, or the size of your social media following. It’s is a very smart business strategy to position yourself as a celebrity because people will pay you more money for your products or services if they perceive you to be one.

So, how do you position yourself as a celebrity? It’s very easy: Just call yourself one!  But you need two major things to back up your claims:

  1. Have ACTUAL Expertise – The underlying factor for celebrity status is expertise. Do you have a successful track record and are you an expert in your niche?  You must also be able to speak knowledgeably about your topic and provide stories and examples to back up your tips.
  2. Marketing and Branding – The only way people will believe you are a celebrity is if you are consistently and persistently marketing and delivering value. More likely than not, entrepreneurs who are positioned as celebrities have their own podcasts, video shows, blogs, newsletters (email, print, or both), and attend and network or present at live events or conferences. I speak from experience. If you consistently publish weekly podcasts, videos, blogs, emails, and attend live events, you will start to feel the power of celebrity impact your business in a major way.

Celebrity – whether it’s for an actor, musician, athlete, or you – does not happen overnight. In fact, it doesn’t necessarily happen in six months or a year. But consistently continue to plug yourself, and you will start meeting people who act a little star struck. They’ll recognize you! At the very least, they’ll think or say, “Hey!  There goes Jessica Rhodes!  She’s the ROCK THE PODCAST expert!”  Build your credibility, build your celebrity, and you’ll start rocking more and more podcast interviews and grow your business in a big way.

At Interview Connections, we can get you booked on awesome podcasts that will increase your celebrity power. Contact us here!

How to Set Up Your Podcast Recording Space

Starting your own podcast does not mean you need to run out and rent space at a recording studio!  Podcasts do not need to be just like radio shows recorded in sound-proof studios. They’re certainly not the drive-by interviews of the local news in which the listener expects to hear a lot of background noise. Whether you are recording your own podcast or being interviewed on someone else’s podcasts, here are my 4 tips for setting up your recording space.

1. Set up a quiet space –  Podcasts require a quiet space. You want to make sure the listener is hearing the content and the content alone… not anything in the background.  As soon as the listener hears Mike the landscaper mowing your lawn, the mood is ruined, the listener may tune out, and your host won’t be pleased! Ideally record your interview in a quiet, small, carpeted room. The more fabric you have in your space to absorb the ambient noise, pops, and echos, the better.  Some really fantastic podcasters even record inside a closet!

2. Identify the best time of day to record – Discuss the best times to record with your host or guest since the podcast isn’t a live broadcast. Perhaps the best time for you will be in the afternoon while the baby is napping or in the evening after everyone in the house has gone to bed. Work together to determine the best mutually beneficial time for the interview.

3. Eliminate sound disturbances – Turn your cell phone off or put it on airplane mode and also ensure that your desk phone (if you have one) is muted or unplugged. Also, put Skype on Do Not Disturb. In addition to eliminating a potential sound disturbance, you don’t want these interruptions to derail your train of thought while you’re answering a question!  Turn off your fans, white noise machines, timers, alarms, etc.  If you’re recording at an office where other people might be around, make a “RECORDING!  DO NOT DISTURB!” sign for your door.  The less noise and fewer interruptions you experience, the better content you will produce and the easier the audio will be to edit.

4. Make sure your technology is working and ready – Last but not least, make sure your microphone is plugged in, your headphones are on, and you double check your settings to ensure that your computer is picking up your sound from your external microphone and not your computer’s internal microphone. I always recommend restarting your computer and making sure you have no other programs running, so you get the best recording.

These are 4 simple steps that will make a big difference in your podcast quality.  Whether you are a host or guest expert, Interview Connections can help you take your podcasting to the next level, so contact us today!

Action Steps to Take After Your Podcast Interview

Just because you’ve finished recording your podcast interview, doesn’t mean the work is over.  There is much more to do following the interview if you are to successfully leverage the power of podcasting!  Here are the two most important actions steps to take immediately after you record your interview:

  1. Make the MOST of that Green Room Chat! The host will most likely invite you for a few minutes of chit chat once you’re off the air, so use this time very wisely!  My business coach, Jim Palmer has literally done hundreds of interviews both as a guest expert and a host, and he wisely uses this time at the end of the recording to give the host some coaching. The host appreciates the advice, and it shows off what a great coach Jim is!
  2. Gratitude: Send a thank-you card or gift to the host. This keeps you on their radar and makes you stand out and be remembered.  I was interviewed by Mary Kathryn Johnson on her podcast, Parent Entrepreneur Success, and during the interview, we discussed how much we both love coffee. The next day I purchased a one-pound bag of coffee from a local shop near my home in Rhode Island and sent it to her via USPS priority mail!   But even if you don’t choose to send a gift, send a thank-you note – a snail-mailed hand-written thank you. In this day and age of emails and texts, a note that arrives in envelope in someone’s mailbox really stands out. There is no excuse for not getting this done. It’s an easy way to continue to build the relationship and leverage the interview that’s already been recorded.

Remember: Podcast marketing is not about slimy tactics and gaming iTunes ranking algorithm. It’s about relationships! Taking these two simple yet important action steps will really help you #RockthePodcast as a guest expert!

Ready to start rocking the podcast?  Contact me and my team at Interview Connections!

The Importance of Engaging with Your Individual Listeners

Download stats aren’t just numbers.  They represent real, live people listening to what you have to say.  But whether your show gets 100,000 downloads or 100, you need to engage with your listeners on an individual basis. If you don’t, you are missing out on the opportunity to grow your audience and your business.  Here are 3 tips for engaging on an individual basis with your listeners:

  1. Make it easy for guests to contact you – During your podcast, have a clear and concise call to action.  Say and spell ONE method of contact (email, website, etc).  And most importantly, be AVAILABLE.  If you are receiving email or inquiries through your contact form, RESPOND.  Don’t leave listeners hanging when they WANT to be in touch with you!
  2. Engage on social media – Promoting your podcast or interviews on social media should be a no-brainer.  This is something ALL podcasters should be doing as part of their promotion strategy.  However, posting links to your interviews and even posting graphics does not mean the work is over.  You need to ENGAGE with your followers who are liking, commenting, and sharing your content.  Thank them for their engagement, ask them a follow-up question, and keep the conversation going!  Initiate new conversation by asking for feedback on an episode or to comment on a specific topic you covered.
  3. Treat your listeners like royalty – People listen to podcasts that their friends tell them about, and people are far more likely to recommend your podcast if you are going out of your way to treat them like they matter.  Ask your listeners for feedback.  Let them know that YOU are listening to THEM, and ask them for their questions or topics they would like you to cover in an upcoming episode.  Show you appreciation for them by offering listener-exclusive giveaways, because when your listeners feel valued, they will share your content and come to you when they a business need that you can meet.

Engaged listeners are happy listeners and happy listeners will naturally want to share the gem of a podcast they’ve found!

Want help getting on podcasts in front of engaged and targeted audiences? Call me at 877-893-0895 ext. 101!