Case Studies

with Michael Stelzner

Having great guest experts booked on your podcasts before you launch is a great first step to building an audience of raving fans. When Michael Stelzner decided to launch his podcast, Parenting Adventures, he hired Interview Connections to book great guest experts for his show. We booked guests like David Mizejewski, a naturalist and spokesperson for the National Wildlife Federation,  Jennifer Ward, a prolific author of children’s fiction books (such as There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Fish), and  Anthony DeBenedet, co-author of the book, The Art of Roughhousing: Good Old-Fashioned Horseplay and Why Every Kid Needs It.

As Michael’s booking agent for the podcast, we evaluated every guest to make sure their content was valuable to his target audience and that they had experience speaking on their subject matter. Hear about Michael’s experience working with Interview Connections in this video!

with JJ Virgin and Perry Marshall

Podcast interviews are an incredibly successful and effective way to launch a new book. At Interview Connections we have represented dozens of acclaimed authors, helping them get their book in front of their ideal reader. When JJ Virgin launched her book, Miracle Mindset: A Mother, Her Son, and Life’s Hardest Lessons, she hired Interview Connections to get her on podcasts. We booked JJ on over 40 podcasts to support her launch in just three months’ time including top podcasts like Glambition Radio hosted by Ali Brown, and Over it and On With It hosted by Christine Hassler.

Perry Marshall published a booked called Evolution 2.0 in 2015. Perry is an established and well known sales and marketing expert, but he is not as well known among podcasters who talk about evolution and creationism. He hired Interview Connections to find podcasts interested in this topic and book him as an expert guest to talk about his findings. Podcast interviews have helped Perry sell more copies of his book and have a deeper connection with his audience. He’s even been invited back for second interviews on podcasts who could not get enough of him in the first episode!

with Ali Brown

Podcast listeners are quiet! They don’t always contact you on social media or by email when you have an impact, but if you keep podcasting and continue to appear on podcasts as a guest expert, the listeners who you are meant to work with will sign up and invest in your programs! Our founder and CEO, Jessica Rhodes has been an avid listener of Glambition Radio hosted by Ali Brown over the 2 years that Ali has been publishing podcast interviews. She’s also heard Ali as a guest on other shows. Throughout Ali’s podcast, she was clear about the kind of clients she coaches (close to 7 figures or more in revenue) and over the years that she listened, she aspired to reach the level in her business when she could hire Ali as a coach. At the end of 2016, Interview Connections was on the cusp of breaking $500k in annual revenue so Jessica applied to do a VIP strategy day with Ali. In April 2017, Jessica made the investment to coach with Ali which was a 5 figure investment. Acquiring Jessica as a VIP Day client was a direct result of Ali’s commitment to podcast interviews.

Ali Brown then appeared as a guest expert on the official Interview Connections podcast, #RockThePodcast and has also applied to be a client with Interview Connections.

“The VIPs have nowhere to go (but Interview Connections); you are the only one that I see out there that I would ever consider calling to get me booked on podcasts” – Ali Brown

with Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson was the last passenger off the flight that landed in the Hudson River in 2009. What followed was the launch of a speaking business and a published book where Dave teaches people that moments matter! Dave started working with Interview Connections in July 2015. While he initially did not see a direct return on investment during the first six months, despite being booked four times a month during this period, Dave stayed committed to the strategy and since then has earned multiple paid 4 and 5 figure speaking gigs as a direct result of his being a guest expert on these podcasts.

Dave has invested in his podcast interview strategy in more ways than one. First, he always schedules a pre-call with the host to learn about their business, their podcast and what the topic of the show is. This allows him to tailor his answer to their podcast and have a deeper connection with the listeners and the host. Secondly, Dave also repurposes his podcast content; blogs about his podcast interviews and shares his appearances on LinkedIn and other social media platforms where his target market is active.

Most importantly, Dave has a long-term commitment to this strategy and, because of that, he consistently books paid speaking gigs by appearing on podcasts as a guest expert. Here Dave’s full story of how he gets paid speaking gigs with podcasting on our podcast.

with Marty McDonald  

Podcast interviews are a perfect client acquisition strategy for agency owners. When Marty McDonald, co founder of Bad Rhino Inc, a full service social media marketing agency located in Philadelphia, wanted to get booked on podcasts, he invested in Interview Connections. After 3 months of getting booked four times per month, Marty had not yet seen even one of his interviews go live. Needless to say, at that point Marty was becoming disillusioned.

On his tenth podcast, the host expressed interested in the services he offered at Bad Rhino Inc. The host said to Marty in the ‘green room chat’ before the recording started, “Ok let’s see how the interview goes and talk afterwards.” Marty crushed it in the interview and when the recording stopped, the host offered to introduce him to a friend who needs his services! That referral engaged with Marty’s agency for a contract worth $47k a year!

Podcast interviews won’t always put you in front of the largest audience, but at Interview Connections, we will put you on shows where you’re speaking to the RIGHT audience. All it takes is one new client to make a huge difference in your business!

with Mark Walker

We work with a lot of real estate investors who are looking to grow their personal brand and establish a strong online presence using podcast interviews. The first interview Mark Walker booked himself on drove so much traffic to his website, that he knew right away this was a strategy to commit to long term. He invested in a full 8 months with Interview Connections up front and grew his list from almost zero to over 2,000 people!

Our expert Booking Agents worked closely with Mark to identify the right podcasts for him and the results were stellar. Mark has shared that even the podcasts he didn’t think were the right fit for him actually drove the most traffic to his site!

After 8 months, Mark actually had to take a break from interviews because he got so many new investors that he needed to spend time closing more deals! Hear Mark’s full story of how he grew his email list of qualified leads on our podcast here.

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