Bonus Episode: Can I be vulnerable with you?

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How are your fears holding you back?

Over the last several years, every time someone approached me about offering business consulting, I rolled my eyes. My dad, my business partner and multiple clients and prospects have told me I should start consulting entrepreneurs.

While it’s a huge part of what we do with our clients at Interview Connections (we spend their first month entirely on strategizing and consulting), I was afraid to offer business consulting as a stand alone service. I felt like if people said no, they would be rejecting me personally.

I’ve had a breakthrough in realizing how my fear of rejection has been holding me back from doing the things I want to do, and more importantly from providing value to my fellow entrepreneurs.

My first employee and now business partner, Margy and I have been working together over the past two years and have accomplished incredible success in the restructuring of Interview Connections by streamlining operations, increasing revenue and building an amazing team.

I started Interview Connections in 2013 and made six figures in the first year. Our revenue doubled in 2015, and again in 2016. We closed 2017 at just under a half million in revenue and standing here at the beginning of 2018, we are on track for our biggest year ever.

Since launching Interview Connections in 2013, we’ve booked over 10,000 interviews and are the most well known booking agency in the podcasting industry to date.

After growing Interview Connections virtually with a staff of 1099 contractors booking interviews, Margy and I realized that an independant remote team was not a strong enough foundation to take the business to 7 figures while delivering an elite level of service. We took a risk and made a huge change by replacing our remote team of contractors with an inhouse team of W2 employees in a 2300 sq ft building. Interview Connections now has 7 full time employees (with health and dental insurance!) and is operating more profitably than ever before.

We made the shift from a virtual business to a company locally run and operated because we knew what this would make possible for our future: empowerment, joy and the magic of having it all (we’re typing this email from a train on a Monday afternoon while our staff is in the office serving our clients!).

Margy and I are officially launching our consulting business today with 20 VIP days available! We want to help our fellow entrepreneurs achieve their biggest goals this year and experience the kind of fun and joy we have together growing Interview Connections.

Will you be our first client?


Jessica Rhodes and Margy Feldhuhn

Co-Owners of Interview Connections




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