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How to have more authentic interviews
If you invite a guest onto your podcast who is interesting, knowledgeable and successful, the [...]
April 7, 2014 Read More
Forget Statistics!!
I work with a lot of entrepreneurs booking them as guest experts on other podcasts [...]
April 3, 2014 Read More
Podcast Guest Expert Interviews – How To Track Your ROI
In today’s episode, I’m joined by the founder of Linked In Focus and the host [...]
April 2, 2014 Read More
Why You Shouldn’t Care about Download Stats
I offer some tough love in today’s episode of Interview Connections TV. If you have [...]
April 1, 2014 Read More
How to get your guests promote your podcast
One question I get asked a lot from my clients at Interview Connections is How [...]
March 30, 2014 Read More
How to be a Great Podcast Host
If you are starting a podcast, check your mindset! Focus as much as possible on [...]
March 28, 2014 Read More