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Become The Celebrity And Engineer Your Brand With Dan Mengana

On this episode of Monetize the Mic, we replay a session of our Virtual Conference featuring a conversation with Dan Mangena. Dan and Jess discuss visibility, quality, content, mindset, and how to engineer your celebrity and create an unstoppable brand!

Daniel Mangena is an international speaker, best-selling author, broadcaster, and coach. He is best known for his highly successful micro to millions program and the Beyond Success podcast.

Creating A Brand For Yourself

What is a brand?

The answer is the same in any business- branding is all about what others say about how the market perceives you.

To put it bluntly, It’s not about what you say, but what people are saying about you when you aren’t in the room. 

The only way you can control that is by getting the visibility to control your narrative because right now, it is defined by whoever is talking about you. 

But what if you don’t have the existing reach to get your message across?

Where Most Creators Go Wrong

Too many creators and business owners get too focused on the numbers. 

If you’re just chasing ego satiation, that isn’t necessarily going to do anything about moving you your brand or your business forward.

People look at how other people do things and think that’s how they have to do it, and they build narratives that don’t support their business. 

Everyone has an optimal way that they can make money. 

For you, it may be just getting out there and building a community by talking to people. 

You don’t need to sink resources into email chains and funnels that aren’t adding any value to your bottom line. 

Focus on your relationships instead of the ego-building metrics like follower counts and how many people you have on your email chain. 

That’s the real money maker. 

Still, that is an uncomfortable goal for many people. To build your brand, you have to overcome your existing fears of being seen. 

The Fear Of Putting Yourself In The Spotlight

Do you feel like you aren’t ready for visibility?

I hear a lot of concerns over successful business owners and creators feeling that they aren’t meeting the “success timeline”  defined by some of the top-performing businesses out there. 

But what happens when you pull back the curtain and look at the root fears behind that issue? 

It’s probably your ideas about what you think people will say about the fact that you don’t have the experience to be on a podcast. 

But guess what? Who cares? 

At the end of the day, you’re showing up, serving people, and delivering value. 

What difference does it make if you fumble your words a little bit?

Everyone started at zero. Nobody who walked up to the plate one day was a perfect podcaster. Some may have some aptitude for it, but there will always be some growth.

Stop disrespecting the gift given to you by saying that you’re not ready. You are ready. You’re born perfect and born ready.

Next Steps To Build Your Brand

You can build a successful brand at any point in your business’s life. 

All it takes is the willingness to put yourself out there even if you don’t have the experience you think you need. 

With the right help, anyone can be on a podcast. The real challenge is putting getting your voice to the right people. 

The experts at interview connections can help you reach your audience directly and tap into new markets you haven’t even discovered. 

Apply to the Monetize The Mic Program and elevate your brand awareness with a renewed focus on authority marketing.


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