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4 Ways I Grew My Business By Being A Social Butterfly



I think by now 95% of the civilized world is on social media. Most business owners know that social media marketing is a powerful and mostly free way to get exposure to their prospects, customers and clients. Every so often though, something happens to me and my business or I build relationships with new people and I am reminded just how powerful social media is for business owners!

1. Be sociable on social media! The definition I got on Google for the word sociable is “willing to talk and engage in activities with other people; friendly.’ To be sociable on social media, you have to do just what the definition says- talk to people! Don’t be afraid to message people and engage with them on something you have in common. Be friendly; as a business owner, social media is not a place to complain, bash people, or be rude. If you are a positive and friendly person on social media, people will want to follow you and read your posts!

2. Like, like, like! On Facebook, like pages of people in your niche and follow what they are doing and saying. In the words of my Dad, and coach, Jim Palmer, “Success Leaves Clues.” Get ideas from successful entrepreneurs on how to build your social media presence by liking their pages and seeing how they are using social media to build their business.

3. Stay on the radar of people you want to have a relationship with! There is so much power in commenting on or liking status updates and pins as well as retweeting or favoriting tweets on Twitter. If you consistently do this with people that you want to have a relationship with, you will stay on their radar. Then one day, maybe they need what you offer, or someone they know needs what you offer and because you stayed on their radar, they will call you! I’ve been in business less than a year and this happens to me!

4. The power of reciprocity: Use social media as a place to be a giver. I’ll pull back the curtain for you. Twice now, I have created custom infographics for some very successful entrepreneurs that I want to have a relationship with. I emailed it to them and posted it on social media. The result? They were very grateful for the time and creativity I used for their benefit and they shared the infographic with their massive audience. It was, in my eyes a win/win scenario and we all walked away from that connection very happy!

I have learned so much over the past 10 months or so of being an entrepreneur but the biggest lesson I want to share right now is that success and new clients and customers will come from building strong relationships. All of my clients have come from referrals. The relationships I have built are a direct result of connections on social media.
How have YOU grown your business using social media?

Joining “Fire Nation”

I discovered Entrepreneur On Fire, an awesome podcast, about a month ago and am hooked.   John Lee Dumas, the host, interviewed Barbara Corcoran and since infographic design is a part of Entrepreneur Support Services and is also something I enjoy doing, I decided to design an infographic for the E O Fire team on their Barbara Corcoran episode.

I have been overwhelmed by 1)how grateful John and Kate, his director of content creation, have been and 2) how generous they have been to post the infographic on their blog and social media!

Check it out!

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Why Podcast Interviews Are Win-Win


One of my most valuable services I offer is getting my clients scheduled for interviews on podcast and radio shows.  I truly do enjoy this work because I am helping them get great (free) exposure to a large audience.  I also love interacting with the hosts of these shows.  I have had the pleasure of (virtually) meeting some inspiring and hard working people through this work, so I wanted to share a little about my experiences and what they have taught me.

What I love about most podcast hosts is how their passion for what they do and what they talk about on their podcasts really comes through the mic.  Most podcasters don’t get paid directly for producing a podcast.  It’s a strategic business decision to connect with successful entrepreneurs, deliver valuable content to their listeners, and help them and their guests get exposure.

If you are a podcast host, and someone reaches out to you wanting to be interviewed, be sure to take the time to see who this potential guest is.  Could they provide valuable information to your audience?  Is this someone that could grow your audience?

If you are an entrepreneur, author, speaker, or expert, and a host reaches out to you wanting to interview you, think about how this could help you.  This is earned media.  Free exposure.  Even if their audience is tiny, maybe they are just getting started and they have 20 listeners, one of those 20 listeners could be your next client.  Or maybe all those 20 listeners get some valuable information from you and they all
My point is, podcast interviews are a win-win situation.  They are about building relationships, growing each other’s followings, and delivering valuable content and information to the listeners. build their businesses because of it.  That should be worth 30-60 minutes of your time.

So if you are in the podcast biz or you are an entrepreneur who gets interviewed, remember you are doing this to help your listeners and your following learn and grow, because that will help you learn and grow as well.

I’ve been in the online entrepreneurship world for about 8 months and I have been overwhelmed with how much integrity, generosity, and spirit the people I have met have.   Don’t lose that when you make it big.  Don’t brush people off and think “are they good enough for my podcast” or “are they good enough for me to be on their podcast.”   Every interview you do is going to help someone, it’s going to teach someone, and you’re going to build more relationships because of it.

To learn more about how ESS can help you build your list of guest experts on your podcast, visit

How To Get Interviewed On Podcasts And Radio Shows

I can’t think of anyone who would disagree with the fact that getting interviewed on podcast and radio shows about your business or your area of expertise is something that you need to be doing to grow your following and your business!

The Interview Connections team of booking agents works with successful entrepreneurs to get them booked for interviews on podcasts in their industry.



I want to pull back the curtain and let you know how I find success in getting interviewed!

1. Create a intro/bio sheet for the host. Include on your bio sheet your website ‘header,’ a short bio, a picture of you, the intro that the host should read at the top of the show to introduce you, ways to connect with you on social media (I recommend also including your phone number, Skype name and address), and a testimonial or two to ‘pull back the curtain’ and tell you my proven method of success in scheduling these amazing entrepreneurs for interviews! Check out this video for more.

2. There are tons of places to search for podcasts and radio shows. A few that I use the most and where I have the most success are Blog Talk Radio, Itunes (search the Itunes store for Podcasts and narrow the search down to your genre; business), Radio Guest List, and Pinterest. Once you find a Podcast or show you believe you’d be an excellent guest for, go to their website and find the contact information for the host.

3. Send a pitch to the host! Keep it short and simple, be confident and include your contact information. Be assumptive! I like to write, “I know your guests would get a lot of value out of this conversation! I look forward to scheduling this interview.” Suggest a topic that you could be interviewed on.

5. Email deliver-ability rates are extremely low! Just because a host does not email you back, does not mean they are not interested. Find them on social media and reach out to them that way. Tweet at them to let them know you sent them an email so they can find it in case it ended up in spam. Send them a Facebook message. And lastly, if they list their phone number, CALL THEM! The power of celebrity! Has anyone ever told you, “It’s all about who you know!”? Check out who this host has interviewed before. If you have any mutual friends, make a note of that in your pitch. For example, “I noticed that you interviewed Jim Palmer. I am a friend of Jim’s and have read all his books!”

Tip: Create an excel document to keep track of who you have reached out to and what the results were. It’s not the end of the world if you email someone twice, but it’s best not to waste time sending someone a pitch who maybe already told you they are not taking any guest interviews anymore!



My Dad Fostered My Entrepreneurial Spirit

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend and my Dad’s birthday today, I’m posting a blog about how my Dad fostered my entrepreneurial spirit. Enjoy!

My Dad is the exact person who inspired me to start my business, and he is the one person who has been coaching me along the way! My Dad is Jim Palmer, “The Newsletter Guru.” ( When I got pregnant, I knew I wanted to stay at home with my baby, but my husband and I could not afford to live under just one income. My Dad told me I’d be a perfect virtual assistant, so I let him take me under his entrepreneurial wing and help me start ESS. I have not looked back and I have been bit by the entrepreneurial bug!

Growing up, my Dad totally supported me in all the (what felt like) hundreds of different activities I tried. He supported my (totally irrational) dream of being on Broadway, taking me to all my college auditions and taught me valuable life lessons about life and leadership.

Additionally, as a child, my mom was a stay at home mom, and my Dad started his business when I was 13 years old and he works out of a home office. So, I’ve always had my parents at home. I knew I wanted my son to have his mom (and dad) at home as much as possible. Knowing that, my Dad has done everything he could to help me build a profitable business.

How has your dad inspired you? Leave a comment below!me-and-dad

Characteristics of a pinnable pin on Pinterest!

What makes a pin pinnable?

1. Long and skinny pins have a higher click rate!  They attract more attention because they take up more ‘real estate’ on the Pinterest feed.  Remember not to add pins that are wider than 600 pixels because Pinterest will either resize them, decreasing the quality of the image, or the pin will not show up at all!

2. Pinning images that explain ‘how to’ do something!  People love using Pinterest because it’s a great place for information.  While social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter involve more conversation between users, Pinterest is used more for info…so pin images that explain how to do something, and lots of people will click and re-pin!

3. Calls to action have a much higher click rate and the reason is simple- if you clearly tell someone to do something, they are more likely to do it!  Say “click here,” & lots of people will click without thinking twice!

4. Pinterest users spend more money on average when they find a product or service on Pinterest.  Lots of users even go to Pinterest specifically to shop.  So, adding a price tag to your pin will clearly indicate that the product or service is for sale and you will attract more buyers.  To add a price tag, all you have to do is write the price in the description.  For example, “$100.”

5.  People love motivational and inspiring quotes. There are probably hundreds of boards on Pinterest for quotes!  So pin images with inspiring quotes and you will see lots of re-pins!


pinnable-pins (1)

Pinterest tip: Create your own content!

blogOver 80% of the content on Pinterest is re-pinned, meaning it’s just being circulated through the site from other users.  As a Pinterest marketer, it is very smart to add your own images to Pinterest.


When you create your own images to add to Pinterest there are a few things to keep in mind-

1) Make sure your images attractive, eye-catching and tell a story

2) Add text to your images and have a ‘call to action,’ such as “Click here to learn more”

3) Your images should not be more than 600 pixels in width or else they will not show up on the main feed or be resized, reducing the quality of the image.  Images that are longer than 1000px will get clicked on a lot more because they stand out on the Pinterest feed!


A few tools to create your own images are-

1) It’s free and you don’t even need an account! Just upload your picture and you can resize it, add text, and add fun effects

2) This site is also free and is great for adding text to images or making inspirational quotes look great!

3) This is a great site for making infographics.  There is a free version with a select number of themes, or you can invest in the annual pro version and get high quality infographic themes to design and personalize!


Be creative and have fun!


Listen to and watch some great interviews with Jessica Rhodes!

It has been an honor to be interviewed on two podcasts of two of my clients, and two entrepreneurs that I have a lot of respect for!

Jim Palmer (is my father) and the Newsletter Guru.  I won’t hide the fact that I am a very lucky business woman because I have the best coach in the world and he also happens to be my dad!  I was interviewed by him on Stick Like Glue Radio as well as on Newsletter Guru TV.  Please check out those episodes here:













Jason Silverman is the owner of Powerful Words Character Development, which is the World’s Leading Character System for the After School World…AND the ONLY system designed by a Child Development Expert who also ran a successful school and one of the world’s leading Marketing Experts!  I work with Jason to manage his Pinterest page and design his infographics.   Jason interviewed me for his clients this week and I would love for you to check it out!





5 Reasons You Need to Be On Pinterest

5-reasons-you-need-to-be-on-pinterestAs a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, a common response I hear from prospective clients is “I don’t even know what Pinterest is.”  I can understand why, if you aren’t even really sure what this site is all about, you would not want to consider spending time figuring out a whole new social media platform.

Pinterest is different.  It’s powerful and brilliant and if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you need to be using it!

Here’s why-

1. First, let me tell you why I think Pinterest is so brilliant.  We are all victims of the ‘shiny object syndrome.’  We have our smart phones, our ipads, our laptops, computers, and TVs…sometimes all being used at the same time, because we, as entrepreneurs, constantly have ideas running through our heads.  I admit, when I am working on one task, sometimes I’ll get an idea and have to immediately stop what I’m doing to write that idea down.    Pinterest doesn’t try and fight the ‘shiny object syndrome.’  Pinterest embraces it.  When you visit Pinterest, you don’t have to choose to read about one particular category, you can bounce back and forth between hundreds of different images and infographics.  And guess what?  If you are producing some eye catching images, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people will look to your content, and click through to your website.

2.  There are no friend requests.  My client said to me recently, “I don’t think many people are looking at my Pinterest page.”  You know what my response was?  “It doesn’t matter if they are looking for your page, because your pins are visible to the entire Pinterest community, it doesn’t matter if someone follows you or not.  Your pins are public and show up on the ‘everything’ feed when it’s posted.”  Pinterest offers this amazing opportunity to get your content out to an enormous number of people.

3.  The know, like and trust factor.  Chances are, your business website is going to have a sales aspect.  You want people to buy your service or your product.  Pinterest gives you the opportunity to showcase your products, services, and brand to potential customers or clients without looking sales-y.

4.  Generate serious traffic to your website.  After someone sees the content you pin, they can click through to your website.  As an avid Pinterest user, I can assure you if I am drawn to an image, I always click through to see the website that the image is linked to.  Pins only give a nugget of information.  They are strategically short and simple, motivating people to seek more information which is at your website.

5.  Pinterest is the next big thing. So stop dragging your feet, stop denying its power because it’s not going anywhere.  It was recently ranked the third most popular social media site, with Twitter as a very close second.  If you get on Pinterest now, you will most certainly stick out to your clients and prospects as someone who is sharp and ahead of the curve.


Don’t have the time?  Click the tab on my website that says Get Exposure and Clients and learn about how ESS can help!