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How to get your guests promote your podcast

One question I get asked a lot from my clients at Interview Connections is How do I get my guests to promote their interviews? and a few people even said they are considering requiring the guest to do so. Hear me loud and clear: requiring your guests to promote your show is a very bad idea!

You have to take having interviewees on your podcast as seriously as if they were guests in your home.

Last week my son Nathan had his first birthday party and one of my friends called me to ask what kind of gift they should  bring. I told her of course that she shouldn’t bring anything, that the only thing I wanted was her company.

The most important reason you should invite a guest on your show is because you want them to deliver great content to your audience.

So asking them to e-mail their list about the interview is very impolite- it makes it look like you only want them on the show so you can promote to their list. Don’t forget that the people who can provide you great content are busy and successful entrepreneurs, so requiring them to promote your podcast would leave a really bad taste in their mouth and they will probably just decline your invitation to do the interview at all!

If you provide your guests a spotlight to share their story, to provide valuable, actionable content, all the rest will follow: They will feel compelled to share about it on social media, and you will have successfully laid the foundation for creating a fruitful long-term relationship with them since you made them feel welcomed and appreciated.

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How to Get Your Podcast Guests to Promote Their Interviews!

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How to be a great podcast host

A big mistake a lot of new podcasters make is they start the podcast focusing too much on how it’s going to get them new clients, grow their list and make them more of a celebrity. If this is your mindset, people will sense that and not feel the need to share your show on social media!

If you have guests on your show, make sure you put the spotlight all on them! Focus on their story, their expertise and their business.

Another tip I have for being a great podcast host is when you first get on the phone with your guest before you actually hit ‘record’ let them know how you are going to structure the interview so they feel comfortable. If you are going to record the intro another time, make sure they know that when you start recording, you are going to jump right in with the first question. If you want them to stay on the line after you stop recording, let them know so they don’t hang up.

Have a guest on your podcast is just like having a guest in your home. Treat them well. Make them feel comfortable!

If you want to be remarked about, be a remarkable host!

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What to do, and what NOT to do…

“How do I get my guests to promote my show?”

This is a question I get asked a lot and the answer I have is not always what people want to hear.

My recommendation is NOT to require your guests to email their list about their interview. My recommendation is NOT to require your guests to post so many times on social media.

Some say, well, if you don’t require it how do you know they’ll promote it? My answer: don’t worry about it.

The goal of any podcast should be to provide actionable valuable content to your audience and build your platform of content marketing. All the other benefits of podcasting will follow if you focus primarily on delivering good content.

If you have an interview based show where you ask people to be a guest on your podcast, your focus should be on spotlighting your guest, promoting their interview as much as possible; essentially- treat them as you would any dinner GUEST in your home. You wouldn’t ask a guest at your dinner party to first tell everyone how great your food is, would you?

Zig Ziglar said something to the effect of, If you first focus on helping other people get what they want, you will get what you want.

Don’t make your guests jump through hoops!

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Help! I rocked my interview but the sound quality stinks!

Unless you host your own podcast or do a ton of interviews and have invested in a good microphone, you may blow it with sound quality your first time behind the ‘mic.’

Here are some tips for getting great sound quality as a guest expert- who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a microphone and a mixer!

  1. Record your interview in a room with carpet.  Hardwood floors will result in a echo and poor sound quality.
  2. Make sure your headset or microphone has a foam cover or windshield.  We don’t need to hear your every breath.
  3. Any microphone is better than a headset.  A lot of people recommend the Blue Yeti; but that will run you about $100.  Quite frankly, I bought a mic off Amazon for $16, paid another $5 for a foam cover and the quality is fine for me as a guest.
  4. Talk CLOSE to the mic.  My friend Michael O’Neal gave some sound quality tips in one of his podcast episodes and he recommends that your lips basically be touching the mic.
  5. Do a sound check!  I have a few friends and clients on Skype who will ping me and say “hey are you free for a sound check before my interview?”  It’s best to do a quick test call to make sure you sound good than to get on an interview and regretfully have poor sound quality in the recording.

First Impressions – Deal Breakers for Getting Booked

A lot of people ask me, what’s the secret to getting booked on popular podcasts? Just like in business, there is no ‘one thing’ or one secret that if implemented will get you booked! There are several factors that go into successfully getting you booked for interviews on popular podcasts and internet radio shows.

In this post, I want to focus on one important factor that is often a deal breaker for podcasters when deciding whether or not to interview someone- and that is first impressions.

As an online entrepreneur, most of the time you don’t have the benefit of meeting someone for the first time face to face, with a handshake and a smile. People meet you by looking at your social media pages and your website and if these platforms don’t position you as a successful, professional, put-together guest expert, the podcaster who is considering you as a guest will click off your site so fast it’s like they were never there!

Here are two tips to position yourself as a success online so you can get booked on popular podcasts and radio shows.

1.Use a professional headshot and be consistent: I’m not saying you have to pay hundreds of dollars and go on a big photo shoot.  My point here is you need to be using the same headshot or ‘profile picture’ throughout your social media platforms and your website so your branding is consistent. Even if you haven’t taken professional headshots, make sure you are using a photo that is high resolution and positions you as a professional!

2. Invest in a quality website: I book guest interviews on a lot of podcasts for my clients and one time, I pitched a guest to my client who I believed was an expert in the niche we wanted to focus on, but when he looked at her website his response was that she didn’t look successful; her website was poorly designed, the sound quality on the videos at her site were horrible, and all around it didn’t communicate ‘success’ and ‘expertise.’ Invest in a quality website, update your blog regularly and make sure when someone comes to your website for the first time, they see you as a success.


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How to Promote your Podcast on Social Media

Social media is a really important piece of the puzzle when you are promoting your podcast and hands down, the best and most effective way to promote your podcast on social media is with graphics with text overlay; what my team at Interview Connections likes to call ‘promo graphics.’

Promo graphics are images that have your podcast logo or artwork, maybe your headshot as well, and your guest’s headshot.  It’s also important to have the guest’s name, episode title or episode number and your website URL.

A lot of podcasters, and I will argue the majority of podcasters who promote their shows on social media, do so with the guest’s headshot only.  This is not the best way to promote a show because at first glance, no one will know what the post is about unless they click through to your website or stop to read your status.

Everyone’s eyes on social media go to the images FIRST.  That is why it’s more important to have a promo graphic with your podcast info, the episode number, things like that, so people see this info in the image, and instantly know it’s a podcast!

Also, you will get more clicks to your website when you link to your post and show the preview image.  See below.  If the guest’s head shot shows up in the thumbnail because that is what you have on the blog post, simply click, “upload image” and add a custom promo graphic here instead!    FB_post

You can see samples of promo graphics my team has designed here: