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IC023: Live Panel Discussion at Dream Business Academy 2017

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This week’s episode features Jess doing a LIVE panel discussion at Dream Business Academy!

  • Podcasting doesn’t just grow your business, it grows you personally
      1. Podcasting gives you a voice
      2. It gives you an intimate setting to speak to YOUR tribe
      3. You become more confident when you find your voice
  • There’s no formula for being successful with your podcast
      1. Be YOU
      2. Only recently did Jess get comfortable being herself
      3. Podcasting lets you add some fun and color to your business
  • Do podcasting because it’s fun!
    1. Not everyone likes the new format of the show, but all that matters is that Jess is having fun!

Panel of Experts Featuring Doug Foresta, Ben DeCastro and Joe Kashurba:

  • Joe, what is the value of being a guest on podcasts (even small ones)?
      1. Getting interviewed has helped his public speaking ability 100 fold
      2. It has brought clarity about his message from telling his story so many times
  • What is the ROI of podcasting? How long does it take?
      1. It takes some time and consistency
      2. Interviews don’t go live right away
      3. Can be very direct response if you take the time to set up and then direct people to your lead page (have a specific call to action)
      4. Doug was very nervous in the beginning, but in ten years he can trace back all his clients to podcasts and many of his best relationships
  • Ben, tell us about your show Carpooling with Ben:
      1. His show Wicked Rhody is just for events in RI (just for entertainment!)
      2. Carpooling with Ben started as a show for Cardi’s
  • Joe, what role does podcasting play in your content marketing?
    1. Many potentials listen to more than one of Joe’s interviews and then are very ready to buy (because they already know like and trust him)
    2. Using podcast content proactively is key
    3. Joe often puts podcast content on a landing page and sends it to his email list
    4. Joe also does Facebook ads leading people towards interviews
    5. Jess recommends recording every interview on your end in case the host makes a mistake (that way you have the content to use)
    6. There are huge SEO benefits to podcast backlinks
    7. Potentials google you and see all your interviews, which builds a lot of credibility
  • What should your goal be for creating a podcast?
      1. Doug started with an unsuccessful show and learned a lot
      2. You should have a reason to start
      3. Decide what success looks like for you
      4. It’s good to have low standards when you first start
      5. It’s ok to change it if it doesn’t work
      6. Know who you’re talking to and provide value to those people
      7. Make people think in a different way
      8. Every successful show has a script or an outline- PLAN AHEAD!
  • How can you podcast well?
      1. Podcasting is much newer than TV and radio
      2. Watch professional interviewers from traditional media spaces and learn
  • What Ben learned from the Rhode Show:
      1. Cardi’s Furniture helped start the Rhode Show
      2. After the first year, there was guest confusion, so they learned how to manage expectations and walk them through the interview process
      3. Now, Ben gives guests an outline so they know what to expect
      4. Help guests understand how to promote the interview to their followers
      5. Ben breaks the fourth wall, which TV people hate, by walking guests into the set so they feel comfortable
      6. Similar to retail, let customers adjust and relax before the interview
  • What are the dos and don’ts of pitching a podcaster?
      1. Listen to the show
      2. Fully understand the genre and why you are a fit!
      3. Don’t focus on your needs, focus on what you can give to the host (i.e. value and great content)
      4. No one cares about your book launch
      5. Have fun with your pitch
      6. Include links of you as a guest or reel (2-3 minutes)
  • What’s the importance of your press page and online presence?
      1. Your bio is something you should check every 3-6 months at least to make sure it’s updated
  • What’s the importance of a one sheet?
    1. Your one sheet has your headshot, contact, bio and suggested questions
    2. The suggested questions guide the interview to position you the way you want
    3. Questions must provide value (not an infomercial)
    4. Helps the host so they don’t have to take as much prep time
    5. Putting it together also helps you clarify your messaging for yourself

Final Tips:

  1. Listen to your own show and make sure it’s good
  2. Get audio quality good enough that it’s not distracting

Resources Mentioned:

Dream Business Academy

Doug Foresta

Ben DeCastro

Joe Kashurba

Wicked Rhody

Carpooling with Ben

Cardi’s Furniture

The Rhode Show

IC022: Setting Clear Expectations

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Jess has a brand new look, and Margy is spreading the gospel of bangs. Then, we discuss expectations as a podcast guest and a real-life example of a smaller show going VIRAL!

Setting Clear Expectations as a Guest:

  1. The speed of results
    1. Podcast interviews are a long-term strategy
    2. It takes time to get first interviews booked and released
    3. The bigger the show, the longer the wait
    4. It takes time to get on those bigger shows
  2. It only takes one show (or one listener) for the strategy to pay off
    1. Understand that you may not be ready for the bigger shows; interview practice is valuable and being on a bigger show after you’ve had more experience is going to be more valuable
    2. Knowing how to be a great entrepreneur doesn’t mean you automatically know how to be a great interviewee; it takes practice!
    3. We want you to be ready for big shows before we place you there
  3. A lot of the big shows might not be a good fit for YOU
    1. If they aren’t a fit for you, OR you aren’t a fit for them, we should NOT pitch you!
    2. Being in front of your target audience (big or small) is more valuable than a big audience who isn’t a fit
    3. Don’t let ego make you lose sight of your goals for interviews

How a Tiny Show Beat Joe Rogan:

We were just discussing how to go viral on our last episode, and this week we saw a small podcast GO VIRAL!!! Here are some reasons why:

  1. Jo (the host of Zealot) went to see My Favorite Murder live
    1. If you go to see comedians (or anyone) live, they are more likely to talk to you! (SUPPORT THEIR WORK FIRST!)
    2. Find your target audience, and go see them in person
  2. She gave a unique pitch
    1. They get lots of pitches to go onstage
    2. Jo’s pitch was totally unique because she offered to do The Moonwalk
    3. Show what is unique about you and how it can bring value to the host!
  3. Her topic was relevant to listeners of My Favorite Murder
    1. Everyone listening to MFM is a great audience for a comedy cult show
    2. Be in front of the people who will care about your topic (the right audience is everything!)

Resources Mentioned:

Hair Tech


My Favorite Murder Podcast

Zealot Podcast

Congressional Dish


How to Make Your Listeners Obsessed With You

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Margy is all about hot springs after visiting the West Coast, and Jess is getting lots of flowers in the mail! In this episode, Jess and Margy discuss their favorite podcasts, what makes them SO GREAT and how to make YOUR listeners obsessed with you.

How to Make Your Listeners Obsessed With You:

  1. Go on Tour
  • Meet your listeners
  • Conferences are a great way to do this!
  • When The Minimalists first started touring, no one showed up, but they kept at it!
  • We’re seeing My Favorite Murder live at LA Podcast Festival (EEEK!!!)
  1. Create Other Content
  • Jess found The Minimalists through their documentary originally
  • You can build your audience on a different platform (blog, YouTube, etc)
  1. Be Yourself
  • People who like you will stick around, and the sooner you repel the people who don’t like you, the better!
  • The Minimalists and the My Favorite Murder gals have great banter, which we love because we love THEM!
  • Dave Jackson has great banter with himself
  • It can take time to feel comfortable being yourself
  1.  Focus on Developing Yourself as a Speaker and/or Entertainer
  • Study other speakers or comedians
  • Check out toastmasters
  • You may not be good at this right away
  1. Prepare!
  • The more you put in, the more your listeners will get
  • Congressional Dish hosted by Jen Briney is a great example- Jen does a ton of work for her audience and is an amazing journalist
  • Josh of The Minimalists said on an episode that he had 6 pages of notes
  1. Be Unique with Your Content
  • Our favorite podcasts cover unique topics that they are very passionate about (true crime, congress and minimalism)
  • The didn’t start out to be famous, they were just passionate about their unique topic
  • Jen Briney covers things that most mainstream media doesn’t cover- there is a ton of original content out there waiting to be covered!
  1. Inspire Your Listeners to Create a Community
  • Margy is a Murderino, the name for fans of MFM, many of whom are in a FB group together
  • The Minimalists have meetups in all different cities
  • When your listeners form their own communities and interact with each other, the show takes on a life of its own
  1. Stop Advertising at the Beginning of the Show (unless it’s really funny)
  • My Favorite Murder does very funny ad reads, so they are an exception
  • In general, don’t ask your listeners to do something before you have given them any content (i.e. right at the beginning of the show)
  • Brand new listeners aren’t going to do something for you before they have gotten to know you and your show
  1. Choose Your Co-Hosts/Guests Wisely
  • Co-host dynamic is everything
  • Don’t co-host with anyone you couldn’t spend a full week on vacation with
  • The Minimalists and MFM are both pairs of bffs
  • Sell your personality as much as your content
  1. Invest in Your Show
  • If you want to succeed, you have to invest!
  • Many successful shows have teams to help produce the show
  • Have good equipment

Final Thoughts:

  • You DON’T have to go viral. Don’t start a podcast to be famous, start a podcast because you love it. Podcasts are passion projects!
  • If you are an entrepreneur podcasting to connect with potential clients, you DON’T need a huge audience to see results. You just need the RIGHT audience! It can also be a great tool for client retention as you can feature them and make content directly for them.

Episodes to Start with:

My Favorite Murder: Episode 85: Live at the Boulder Theater

The Minimalists Podcast: Episode 91: Nostalgia

Congressional Dish: Episode 157: Failure to Repeal

Resources Mentioned:

The Minimalist Podcast

My Favorite Murder

LA Podcast Festival

Congressional Dish

Jen Briney

Dave Jackson


Podcast Movement

MFM Facebook Group


Julie Broad

IC020: Productivity with Amber De La Garza

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Margy has a fancy new title and Jess is free from her gym membership and committing to her yoga practice. Then, Jess and Margy interview one of our #RockThePodcast listeners, Amber De La Garza, who we met at Podcast Movement! Finally, stay tuned for our favorite segment: “Would You Rather… Listen To?”

Interview with Amber De La Garza:

How did you find #RockThePodcast?

  • Amber was in her learning phase about how to be a great host and guest
  • Googling these terms, she came across the show!

How many podcast do you listen to?

  • Too many!!
  • For some shows, Amber listens to every episode, and for other shows, she downloads only episodes that are specific to what she is currently learning for her business
  • As a productivity specialist, Amber warns against information overload from too many podcasts
  • Amber also categorizes her shows (she uses Stitcher for Android)
  • Margy only subscribes to My Favorite Murder
  • Jess has cut back the number of shows she subscribes to to limit info overload

When should entrepreneurs start their day and what is the ideal morning routine?

  • Amber calls this “bookending your day”
  • She recommends FOUR routines- so you can stay on track but still have the flexibility to address the unexpected
  • The four routines are:
    • personal morning routine
    • professional morning routine (when you hit the office)
    • evening routine (as you leave office)
    • nighttime/personal bedtime routine
  • Weave little habits into these four routines
  • There is no RIGHT time for everyone to start the day; it depends on you, your natural routine and your lifestyle

Mindfulness practice suggests that multitasking is NOT the best way to approach tasks. How do you feel?

  • Amber has strong beliefs about multitasking
  • She used to take pride in her ability, and now realizes it’s a myth
  • What we call multitasking is actually “switch tasking” and is very inefficient
  • It can be an unconscious stress crutch and also disrespectful to people around you

Tell us about your systems for your show, Productivity Straight Talk.

  • Amber has been launched for 3 months
  • She stays a few episodes ahead
  • Amber uses Trello to organize her show info
  • Amber creates content and has her team/systems do the rest

Would you rather…LISTEN TO?!

  • Hostile World: Exploring Our Universe OR Science Monkey
  • Drugs and Stuff OR We Have Concerns
  • Emotional Management OR The Self-Help Podcast
  • Inglorious Pasterds OR Pray-As-You-Go
  • What She Wants OR Tinder Tales
  • Filthy Casuals OR No Time for Travel

Resources Mentioned:

Podcast Movement

Amber De La Garza

Productivity Straight Talk


My Favorite Murder


Pema Chodron

The Myth of MultiTasking




Count Boogie

IC019: Podcast Promo Products Guide

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Margy is saving kittens on the highway and Jess is back from a very zen vacay! This episode features an interview with our favorite promo products guy, Phil Brakefield!

Jess has used a bunch of promo products companies, and they pretty much all sucked. Some were wicked expensive, others made horrible mistakes and other sites were just confusing to navigate.

Phil is a super nice guy and you can just email and tell him what you want. He gets it for you at a reasonable price, and he also knows a lot about what kinds of products get more traction in different markets.

1. Do people ever get stemless wine glasses? Can I have four?

  • People DO get wine glasses- there are over 1 million items available!
  • You can’t get 4 because promo products are based on quantity, so just 4 would be very expensive
  • Better off doing “print on demand” for something like that

2. What types of swag are the most popular?

  • Standards in the industry that are always effective are: mugs, totes and pens
  • Cell phone chargers and screen cleaners are very popular now
  • SO many hats
  • Sometimes you will be surprised by what is and isn’t popular

3. Why should I have swag for my business?

  • DONE CORRECTLY, it’s an important part of your branding/messaging mix
  • You have to use the correct swag for your target audience (e.g. AARP crowd may not want phone chargers)
  • 70% of people you give a calendar to plan to do business with your company within the next year
  • Gain exposure through a useful, attractive and fun product

4. Do we have the cutest logo of any of your clients?

  • YES!
  • Good idea to minimize your logo and use a fun phrase instead (like #rockthepodcast!)

5. Why does orange look like sh*tty soda?

  • All manufacturers have at least one item that just doesn’t look great
  • Colors can come out badly on products if you’re not careful
  • Some shades of orange look sh*tty

6. How often do your clients tell you that their swag resembles a sex toy?

  • Only with Jess (LOL it was supposed to be a microphone)

7. What are the cheapest promo products that have the highest perceived value?

  • It depends on what the nature of your show/business is
  • Phil advises people to let him help them hone in on their message and their target audience
  • Then they give Phil their budget and he comes up with the best product
  • The key is NOT to go for the cheapest, but understand what is the most money you can comfortably spend reaching your IDEAL client
  • Things that always work like pens and mugs may not fit the profile of your podcast
  • Think about message first and reverse engineer from there

8. Is it worth it to sell your own swag?

  • If you want to do that, you should go through the pain of becoming a promo products distributor, which allows you to buy things at a lower price
  • Beware: it’s an involved process to become a distributor
  • If you have a really fun product that’s popular, you may be able to make a profit selling it
  • You can do a Shopify store and automate it

Resources Mentioned:

When Things Fall Apart

Pema Chodron

The Power of Now

Eckhart Tolle

Cafe Press


IC018: How To Rock The Podcast From Both Sides Of The Mic with Ty Crandall

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Jess has found a passion for antigravity yoga, and Margy is obsessed with a new podcast! Then, listen to our interview with expert host AND guest, Ty Crandall, and a new segment called Would you Rather?! Podcast Edition!

Interview with Ty Crandall

What does Ty do for fun?

  • First of all, Ty finds work FUN!
  • Ty loves to go boating and he has his pilot’s license!

What does Ty watch on TV?

  • Ty spends most of his free time staying active with his kids, so not much TV
  • Ty and his wife do enjoy Big Brother and The Profit!
  • He likes to be always learning or doing something productive

How does Ty stay SO positive?

  • Every bad thing is an opportunity to help you level up and get out of your comfort zone
  • You have to experience pain to find what makes you happy, so all experiences are GOOD!

Did Ty start as a host or a guest?

  • Ty heard Jessica talking about podcasting
  • He then repurposed his webinars into podcast episodes, and months later had thousands of downloads!
  • Only at 6 months in did they start actually interviewing, up until then it was just webinar content
  • Interview Connections started booking more guests on Ty’s show, and then booking Ty as a guest!

What are the benefits of interviewing guests and being interviewed?

  • Relationships are the biggest benefit- amazing people with amazing stories
  • Ty has met people who are now his good friends through interviews!
  • Ty runs into people at live events who he has previously met on interviews
  • Huge SEO benefits from podcast interviews
  • All the interviews establish Ty’s credibility
  • 10-15% of Ty’s customers come from podcasting

Would You Rather?! PODCAST EDITION!

We’re judging shows based on the title alone! Would you rather listen to…..

  1. Thank God I’m an atheist OR Hugs from Heaven?!
  2. Love Me OR Wolf it Down?!
  3. Meditate with Mitch OR Meditate This?!
  4. Laser Time OR We’re Alive: Lockdown?!
  5. Flow Dreaming OR Ask the Cyber Dating Expert?!
  6. Magic Animal Club Podcast OR The History of the Ottoman Empire?!

Ty’s 2016 Episode on #RockThePodcast

The Business Credit and Financing Show

Credit Suite

Jim Palmer

Dream Biz Academy

My Favorite Murder



Thank God I’m an Atheist Podcast

Hugs from Heaven Podcast

Love Me Podcast

Wolf it Down Podcast

Meditate with Mitch Podcast

Meditate This! Podcast

Laser Time Podcast

We’re Alive: Lockdown Podcast

Flow Dreaming Podcast

Ask the Cyber Dating Expert Podcast

Magic Animal Club Podcast

The History of the Ottoman Empire Podcast

IC017: How Long Does it Take? Featuring Chris Dayley

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Jess knows she’s fancy because she got turned away from a restaurant in Montreal, and Margy is clearing negative energy like a champ! Then an interview with Chris Dayley of Disruptive Advertising about the ROI of podcast interviews for his business. And stay tuned as Jess and Margy debut the Missed Connections segment!

Interview with Chris Dayley:

  • Why podcasts are so great for content creators who dislike writing
  • The reason for sticking with podcasting (even if results aren’t immediate)
  • Is preparing for interviews overrated?
  • Networking with hosts
  • What makes a good host?

Craigslist Missed Connections Segment:

Margy and Jess read Craigslist missed connections and offer these lovesick locals their top tips on respecting boundaries at the supermarket and taking responsibility for fixing your electronics.

Resources Mentioned:

Clearing Yourself of Other People’s Negative Energy Part I

Clearing Yourself of Other People’s Negative Energy Part II

Disruptive Advertising


IC016: How the Horse Radio Network Produces 80+ Episodes a Month

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Jess is going to acupuncture, and Margy is painting cat portraits! Then, check out a great interview with Glenn the Geek founder of The Horse Radio Network.

Behind The Scenes at Horse Radio Network:

-Having systems in place (like Google Sites) allows for the huge number of shows

-How to audition potential co hosts and what’s most important in a co host

-How live events can build trust with potential clients and show your staying power

In our new segment called “Winne or Losie,” we discuss podcasting trends like…

-should you ask listeners to subscribe?

-are ratings and reviews BS?

-online groups and forums

Resources Mentions:

Horse Radio Network

Google Sites

5 Love Languages

Horse Radio Network App

IC015: Secrets to Team Building at Interview Connections


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Episode 15: Secrets to Team Building at Interview Connections

Today’s episode features interviews with the booking agents of Interview Connections, Margy’s life story (as told by Margy), and Jess and Margy discussing their biggest leadership strengths and struggles.

Interview with Agent Ann Ducharme:

  • Ann loves to learn new things, and working at interview Connections is an opportunity for her to learn something totally new
  • Ann’s tip is to give your team opportunities to spend quality time together as people (after work or during work)

Interview with Agent Zach Davis:

  • Zach came to Interview Connections because he was looking for a life change away from the hospitality industry
  • Zach’s tip is don’t micromanage! Trust your team.

The Story of Margy

  • Margy went to the University of Rhode Island and double majored in Art and Latin (So basically it’s a miracle she has a job at all)
  • Jess hired Margy as an environmental canvasser for Clean Water Action in 2011, which is how they met
  • Jess sent Margy to the Austin office and became her mentor; Margy went to Austin and never came back (she was living her truth as a 22 year old flake)
  • After spending 2 years in Taiwan, Jess and Margy got back in touch
  • Margy’s dad died by suicide, and Jess adopted her dad’s cat
  • Margy moved to Colorado, and left her sales job in jewelry to work for the Interview Connections team as a contractor
  • Margy moved back to Rhode Island, which allowed her to become the first in house employee of the business, complete with a comically large cat name plate! #SheSaidYes

Margy’s Leadership Plus and Focus:

Plus- Flexibility, Loyalty and Empathy

Focus- Seeking First to Understand, Patience

Jess’s Leadership Plus and Focus:

Plus- Level-Headedness, Communication and Great People Skills

Focus- Planning Ahead, Slowing Down

Resources Mentioned:

Clean Water Action

Strengths Finder

Creating Disney Magic podcast

The 5 Love Languages


IC014: You Don’t Have To Do An Interview Podcast

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Jess is washing her walls with salt water to ward off negative energy, and Margy visits her first cat cafe in Brooklyn. Jess and Margy discuss the different styles of podcasting, and then interview Jonathan Messinger, producer of an amazing fiction podcast!

Different Kinds of Podcasts:

The style that is right for you depends on your brand, style and interest.

  1. Interview: Great for connecting with potential clients and bringing a variety of expertise to your audience.
  2. Solo Show: You have to be really entertaining! Examples are Grammar Girl and School of Podcasting by Dave Jackson. Dave is an introvert, which may be part of why he is such an excellent solo podcaster!
  3. Co-Hosted/Roundtable: We love Guys We F%$#@, co-hosted by two comedians. Choose your co-host wisely.
  4. Fiction: More like an audio book. Takes a lot of work to write the story!
  5. Journalism: Examples are Serial and Casefile (Margy loves crime shows!)
  6. News/Current Events: Not evergreen, but a great way to educate yourself about what’s happening. We love Congressional Dish, hosted by Jen Briney!
  7. Fan Podcasts: PLEASE do one for #Rockthepodcast. Jess has been a guest on The Walking Deadcast!

Jonathan Messinger is 7 Feet Tall and Surrounded by Robots:

1. How is it podcasting with your son?

  • Really fun
  • He is a very critical editor!
  • It’s very helpful because Jonathan can get feedback on the story before recording

2. What voice changer technology do you use? (Jonathan does all the voices in the show)

  • Plug ins: Waves Sound-Shifter, little Alter boy from Sound Toys, another Waves plug in called Morphoder

3. How did you come up with the idea for the show?

  • Was originally going to make a children’s book
  • Had the idea to do it as a podcast so the audience could be more involved

4. What is your writing process?

  • Procrastinate as long as possible
  • General outline of story, but episodes incorporate kids’ ideas that they write in

5. Where do you come up with story ideas?

  • Riff on elements of classic children’s books
  • Kids write in with ideas i.e. what animals live in space?

6. Do you ever feel weird sitting alone in your basement making alien noises?

  • Yes

7. Do people without kids listen to your show too?

  • Mostly for kids, but some jokes for the parents, too!
  • Geared towards 5-8 years old (Jessica’s 4 year old son loves it)

8. Tell us about leaving your job to podcast full time?

  • Really optimistic about monetizing
  • Audience growing steadily, at about 10,000 per episode right now
  • Not a lot of advertisers that are right for children
  • Created company called Gen Z Kids
  • Might pitch it as a kids’ TV show (Jess and Nathan would love to watch it!)

9. Why did your election episode make Jess cry?!

  • So bogged down, and his creativity felt stifled
  • Jonathan realized that he was overloading his kids with politics because he was so absorbed by it
  • It’s important to stay positive and creative, and let kids stay kids regardless of the political climate

Resources Mentioned:

School of Podcasting with Dave Jackson

Grammar Girl

Guys We F*&%$

The Podcast Producers



Jen Briney

Congressional Dish

The Walking Deadcast

Waves Sound-Shifter

Little Alter Boy From Sound Toys

Waves plug in called Morphoder

The Wild Robot

The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel